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City employees are still working to provide as many services as possible during the crisis.

When calling City Hall (818-224-1600), the phone system is now automated. Please listen to the whole message for the correct extension. 


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Public Wi-Fi

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wifi symbolFree Internet access is provided in the Library, Tennis & Swim Center in Calabasas, and Agoura Hills/Calabasas Community Center.

Getting online is quick and simple. All you need is a wireless-enabled device (ie. Laptop, tablet PC or smartphone). The public WiFi networks at the Library and Tennis & Swim Center are open to all visitors free of charge. No special encryption settings are needed. The public WiFi at the Agoura Hills/Calabasas Community Center (AHCCC) is also available, but please refer to the staff for the wireless access settings.

Limitations and Disclosures

  • Free WiFi internet access is provided by the City as a service to the community. Hacking, Spamming, Phishing and any forms of illegal activities are prohibited.

  • The City's public wireless networks are not secure, and the City cannot guarantee the safety of your traffic across the public wireless ne twork. The City assumes no responsibility for the configurations, security or damage to files on your laptop resulting from connection to the City's public network. Do not send confidential information through City's public wireless network. Information sent between your laptop and the wireless access point could be captured by anyone else with an appropriate wireless device and software, in a range of up to three hundred feet.<

  • The City is not able to provide technical assistance to you, and there is no guarantee that you will be able to make a wireless connection. If you need assistance, contact the manufacturer of your laptop or software. Some helpful hints are provided on the City of Calabasas Web site. The City is not responsible for any setting changes you make on your computer.

  • You must click the I AGREE button on the disclaimer page to connect to the Library's, Tennis & Swim Center's or AHCCC's wireless network. When you are successfully connected, you will be taken to the City of Calabasas website. You can access the web site you want from there by typing the URL link in the address field.

Hardware Requirements

  • A wireless-enabled device that supports the WiFi standard (also known as IEEE 802.11b or g).

Wireless Network Setup Info

SSID (network name)
Calabasas Library: CityofCalabasas-Public
Tennis & Swim Center: TSC_Public
Network Encryption: None
Data Authentication: None
Mode or Network Type = Infrastructure mode or Access Point
DHCP = Obtain an IP address automatically
DNS = Obtain DNS server address automatically

How to connect you Computer to Calabasas Wi-Fi

How to connect your mobile device to Calabasas Wi-Fi