City Hall is closed to the public until further notice.

City employees are still working to provide as many services as possible during the crisis.


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For Residents

green houseHealthier and more comfortable indoor environment, reduction in utility costs, better home resale marketing potential, more productive living/working environment, and increased home value. By making buildings more energy and water efficient, you will save money on monthly utility bills and ease demands on our already overburdened utility systems. More money in the hands of citizens means a healthier local economy.

For the City

Going Green logoHealthier community, better quality of life, environmental leadership, better local economy, healthy urban forest, better public transit, more open space, less trash in our landfills, less demands on infrastructure and more productive local businesses. The less tax dollars we spend on operating the City’s own facilities, the more tax dollars we can use for other important programs and services.

For the Planet

earthConserves precious natural resources, reduced greenhouse gases, conserves water, improved water quality, improved air quality, reduced solid waste, improved public health, better forest management, habitat enhancement, and reduced ozone layer depletion.