Calabasas celebrated twenty years as a City in 2011.  On March 5, 1991, Calabasas residents overwhelmingly voted by a 9 to 1 margin to break away from Los Angeles County and incorporate as a City.  That vote resulted from many years of tireless work by the Calabasas Cityhood Committee and a number of area residents who wanted decision making power to be localized.  On April 5, 1991, Calabasas officially became the 88th City in Los Angeles County.  "After more than a decade of struggle, we now are in charge of our lands, our laws, our revenues and our resources," said Dennis Washburn who gained the most votes in the 1991 election and was later named the first Mayor of the City.  Councilmember Washburn recently decided to retire in 2011 after being elected five times and serving a remarkable 20 years on the City Council.

After incorporation, the Calabasas City Council, Commissions and staff took charge of managing local development, protecting the environment, creating parks, and maintaining the independence that differentiates Calabasas from the rest of Los Angeles County.  The City’s first ordinance was an oak tree preservation and protection law.  The City began the process of drafting a General Plan, organized commissions and boards, and began preparations for a park site at Lost Hills and Las Virgenes Roads that would become Juan Bautista de Anza Park.  The City’s red-tailed hawk City logo was commissioned and city services were established.

Today, Calabasas remains the youngest city in Los Angeles County.  Twenty years after incorporation, Calabasas provides residents with exceptional quality of living while serving as a national leader in environmental and public health issues.  The City Council, Commissioners and staff would like to thank all Calabasas residents for their active participation in making Calabasas such a remarkable place to call home.


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