What You Need to Know About School Area Traffic Safety

Statement of Purpose

It is more evident now than at any other time in the history of Calabasas’ Public Education that traffic conditions within school zones, both prior to and at dismissal of school, are a potential threat to the well-being of the students of our city.

We have two choices as a community. One choice is to accept such conditions as going hand-in-hand with our changing social and economic climates. The second, obviously preferable, choice is to make every attempt possible to improve unsafe traffic conditions.

This information is the result of our commitment to improve driving habits and/or decrease traffic congestion around the schools. Success in achieving our goals, however, will be determined by how effectively and cooperatively we work together.

We are asking you to join with the City, Police, Schools and members of the School Area Safety Traffic Committee (SATS) in making a commitment to protect all of our children as they enter and leave school. Please review the recommended traffic pattern of your school and follow it when driving your child to school. It is our hope that you will help your children develop good pedestrian habits so that they may arrive and depart school safely.

Review YOUR school's traffic plan and use it.

The White Zone:

  • The White Zone is designated by signs or by a white curb or by a combination of both.
  • There is NO PARKING in the White Zone – Drop off and Pick up Only.
  • You may drop-off your child in the white zone. 
  • Please pull forward as far as possible to allow other parents to drop off at the curb.
  • You may not park in the White Zone and walk your child in. You can not stay and watch your child walk into the school.
  • Your child should always exit the car on the sidewalk side. Do not let your child out in the middle of the street. You need to pull over to the curb.
  • Pick a time after school dismissal to meet your child at the White Zone.

Walk and Ride

Walking gives children an opportunity to:

  • Exercise

  • Socialize

  • Walking reduces: Tension, stress, anxiety and pollution

Walking develops:

  • Good judgment & good decision making skills
  • Self-confidence
  • Self-esteem
  • Friendships
  • Independence

Start a walking partnership:

  • With other children in the neighborhood
  • With other families and take turns supervising
  • Between a child and a senior citizen living nearby

Start a combination Park and Walk

  • Before school, park within a block or two of the school and let children walk the remaining distance
  • After school, arrange to meet your child in a pre-arranged location at least one block from the school

If driving is the only option:

  • Carpool as much as possible, sign up with your school and look up other carpoolers at your school

  • Avoid arriving at the school during the peak drop-off and pick-up times

Parents - Don’t be guilty of one of the following!

Top Ten School Area Traffic Violations

  1. School Bus Stops are areas of the roadway set aside for the parking of buses only. Unauthorized motor vehicles stopped or parked in bus stops can be issued a ticket.
  2. Crosswalks are those portions of a roadway clearly marked for pedestrian crossing. Stopping or parking in a crosswalk can result in a fine. Driving into a pedestrian crossing when a pedestrian is present can result in a fine.
  3. Double parking is defined as stopping or parking on the roadway side of any vehicle stopped or parked at the edge of a curb or a sidewalk. Double parking can result in a fine.
  4. Parking within 20 feet of an intersection or within 5 feet of a driveway is illegal and a ticket can be issued.
  5. A ticket can be given to any unauthorized vehicle stopped or parked at either a handicap curb cut or in a handicap parking space, while parking at a fire hydrant can result in a fine.
  6. U-turns slow up traffic and increase the possibility of an accident occurring. Motor vehicle operators who make illegal U-turns can be given a ticket. U-turns should not be made in school zones.
  7. Failing to stop when approaching a school bus with a school bus sign that is displaying a flashing red signal can result in a $500.00 fine.
  8. Failing to stop a motor vehicle at the request of a Traffic Supervisor or Police Officer can result in a ticket.
  9. Seatbelts or other passenger safety restraints are required by law. A fine can be imposed for each occupant of a motor vehicle not in compliance with the law.
  10. Parking a motor vehicle in restricted areas as "No parking," "School Pick-up/Drop-off Zones," or limited time zones can also lead to a fine.

Reminder: These laws have been written to ensure the well-being of all people and will be enforced throughout our city.


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