Neighborhood Traffic Calming Project

Since the issue of Neighborhood Traffic Calming was brought before the Traffic/Transportation Commission in 1994 there have been many advances in this traffic engineering/planning specialty within the City of Calabasas. The City has implemented various creative means of reducing traffic speeds and cut-through-traffic on residential streets within Calabasas. The goals of creating a more livable environment are being implemented by a team consisting of the Transportation/Intergovernmental Relations Department, Traffic/Transportation Commission and Calabasas Citizens.

The lengthy process of implementing a Neighborhood Traffic Calming Process within the City has included:

  • Creation of an Education Method for Traffic Calming.

  • Creation of an Operational Method for Traffic Calming.

  • Creation of a Neighborhood Traffic Calming Toolbox detailing various acceptable traffic calming tools available to the Transportation/Intergovernmental Relations Department and Commission as well as community residents.

  • Mass mail out and analysis of Neighborhood Traffic Calming Surveys.
    Breakdown of the City into twelve (12) distinct regions each with specific needs and concerns.

  • Assist in the design of the Bellagio Roundabouts.

  • Advertisement of Regional Traffic Calming Workshops in numerous publications.

  • Numerous Community Workshops with homeowners associations, residents, as well as other stakeholders to receive input, to provide information, and establish rapport.

The most important goal of the Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program was to create a community/resident driven process- not a staff dictated process. This not only maintained overall support of the program, but also provides a long term and effective means of traffic calming.

For more information regarding the Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program, please contact the Transportation/Transit Division.

In 1995, the concept of Neighborhood Traffic Calming was introduced to the City. Since then, the City of Calabasas Transportation/Intergovernmental Relations Department, along with the direction of the Traffic & Transportation Commission defined policies, goals and objectives for the Neighborhood Traffic Calming Project (NTCP). Phase I of the NTCP was completed in 1999. Lessons learned from Phase I were analyzed and incorporated into Phase II.

Details of Phase II include the following:

Performance Evaluation Survey

As directed by the Traffic/Transportation Commission, a traffic calming questionnaire was distributed in the Spring 2000 newsletter.


Areas in which no NTCP solutions have been deployed yet have had a workshop to go over what was recorded in the previous workshops and surveys of the region. The region will then be asked what issues they feel need to be addressed and possible solutions that staff can offer to remedy those issues.

As per the direction of the Commission, areas in which NTCP solutions were implemented will be re-evaluated and the area re-assessed for any other solutions that may be deployed as part of NTCP Phase II.

Comprehensive summaries of the workshops were presented to the Commission in the month following (refer to schedule).

Regions Covered

Phase II of the NTCP will cover all of the City. It is intended that each region will have a workshop conducted. In areas that were covered in Phase I, the workshops will cover what problems were identified and what solutions were implemented. It will also research into what other areas need traffic calming. Phase II will also evaluate areas in which traffic calming measures were not conducted.

More questions? Please contact the Calabasas Transportation Department.

City of Calabasas
Neighborhood Traffic Calming Project - Phase II Process

Workshop with Region Prior to TTC Meeting
Evaluate Phase I and Identify Other Regional Needs Workshop with Region to Reassess Regional Needs
Final Recommendation to TTC
Final Recommendations Compiled and Forwarded to City Council
Adopted Recommendations Are Implemented

Regional workshops were held prior to TTC meeting at 6:00PM in City Hall Council, Chambers.


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