If you receive calls from anyone claiming they are affiliated with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department or any other law enforcement-related agencies, i.e., Police, Sheriff's Associations, etc., soliciting charitable donations for families of fallen deputies, Sheriff's Stations or any other cause, be cautious.  The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department does not solicit donations by telephone.

In a recent incident: a male (suspect) called a local resident and represented that he was from the "American Deputy Sheriff's Association."  The caller attempted to solicit donations for what he said was "for families of fallen officers."  When the resident asked the caller for his phone number and address, the caller refused and hung up.  With these types of scams, the callers are usually very pushy and will request the donation be picked up the same day in person at your residence or location.

Be aware of these types of scams.  If confronted by one, request that documentation on their charitable organization be sent to you via mail.  In most cases the caller will hang up ending the call.  If the caller portrays an affiliation with a local law enforcement agency, tell the caller that you want to confirm their employment with that agency.  If they are legitimate, they won't mind you checking on them.  If they aren't, they will most likely end the call. Remember: if it sounds at all suspicious, trust your instincts.

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