During the month of August, 2005. there were fictitious lotto tickets sold and fictitious cashier checks sent to residents in Agoura Hills.  The scan involves the sale of phony out of state lottery tickets to victims, then contacting the victim by letter stating that they have won a great deal of money in the lottery.  The fraudulent company sends the victim a counterfeit cashiers check as insurance to receive the large amount of money (lotto winnings).  The cashier's check is made payable for a specified amount with an excess amount of money for the victim to keep for their troubles.  For example:  the check is made out payable to the victim for the amount of $3800.  The victim is told to keep $300 for their trouble and to send back $3500 to the company.  If the victim falls for the scam and cashes the counterfeit cashier's check at their bank, the victim may be held responsible for the withdrawn money.  Beware of mailers/letters from companies selling out of state lotto tickets and check cashing scams.  Remember that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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