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The following is a listing of the most needed items following an emergency. Please print this listing, purchase the items, and keep them in a designated location in your place of residence or work.

Your 72-hour checklist/First-aid

Suggested first-aid supplies for your 72-hour kit:

* 1/2 tank of gasoline in your vehicles
* good first-aid book
* waterproof container for kit
* assortment of band-aids
* gauze pads
* butterfly bandages
* cotton balls
* small roll of gauze
* adhesive tape
* cotton swabs
* safety pins
* Pepto-bismol tablets
* antacid tablets (good for bee sting)
* cold pack
* hydrogen peroxide
* alcohol (disinfects)
* smelling salts
* medicine dropper
* tweezers
* alcohol wipes
* Benadryl capsules
* aspirin (promotes the healing of burns, helps
   during heart attack)
* Tylenol (chewable for children)
* collapsible scissors
* thermometer
* crushable heat packs
* small tube of antiseptic cream (such as Neosporin)
* deep heating rub
* calamine
* sunscreen or something for sunburn
* small spool thread and at least two needles (Used
   for sutures. Fine fishing line works well, too.)
* prescription medication or equipment

Make sure all items are non breakable and compact.

 Tip: Records to have in the kit

You should include vital family information. These should be photocopied and kept in two places. One is that the originals should be kept in a fire-proof, get-away box in a safe place in your home or a safety deposit box at your bank. The other set should be kept with your emergency kit in a waterproof bag. This is a safeguard in case of loss of wallet or home.

The following items would be useful for you to record and keep in these two locations:

* Full name and social security numbers of the
   entire family
* Birth certificates, diplomas, death certificates
* listings of vehicles, boats, motorhomes with ID
   and license numbers
* listing of all credit card numbers and expiration
   dates, bank account numbers (both checking and
   savings, cd accounts)
* insurance policy numbers, securities, deeds, and loan
   numbers showing name address and phone numbers
* name, address and telephone numbers for
   each of the following:
       * employer
       * schools
       * fire/paramedics/police/civil defense
       * family contacts
       * utility companies
       * doctors/hospitals
       * attorney
       * location of important documents (safety deposit box)
       * insurance companies
       * loan companies
       * mortgage company
       * wills
       * safe-deposit box key
       * licenses (driver, work, etc.)
       * citizenship papers
       * letters of instruction
       * tax returns for last five years
       * any business licenses, special permits

You may wish to have a family photo or individual photos included with family information on back. You may also want to have photos of the inside and outside of your home, autos or other motor vehicles for insurance purposes.

Tip: Extra items for my kit

Some other miscellaneous items that may be very useful are:

* light sticks
* small flashlight
* extra batteries
* pocket handwarmer
* compact fishing kit
* compass
* pocketknife
* 50 ft. nylon cord
* plastic poncho
* plastic garbage bags (can be used as rain poncho,
   toilet, ground sheet to sit on.)
* small pocket notebook, paper or cards
* pencil or pen
* fine wire
* zip-lock bags
* pocketbook
* map
* spare glasses, sun glasses
* money (small bills and change)
* collapsible binoculars
* toothbrush and paste
* metal mirror (good for signaling, too.)
* comb
* razor
* pre-moistened towelettes
* toilet paper
* feminine products
* soap
* a couple of bandanas (can be used as hat, washcloth,
   mask, sling, tourniquet.)
* lip balm with sunscreen
* identification card/ medical permission slips
* portable radio with batteries

You can pick and choose from this list or pack the whole thing. You may even have items that are not here that you would want to have with you. Just remember...you are packing for survival not a holiday at the Hilton.

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