Project Title:

Calabasas Swim Center West


West side of Calabasas

Past Hearing Dates:

City Council: April 28, 2010

Discussion and direction to staff regarding Swim Center West at De Anza Park.

April 29, 2010 update: During their regular City Council meeting on April 28, 2010, the Calabasas City Council directed the Parks, Recreation and Education Commission to assess the need of a swimming pool on the west side of Calabasas and if a need exists, determine where the most appropriate park for it to be placed. 

The Acorn ran both an article and an editorial regarding a proposed aquatic/water park complex in Calabasas, which was discussed at the City Council meeting of Feb. 24. The artistís rendering referenced and shown in these articles was an initial conceptual design tool and was not meant in any way to be a final design. The rendering was a representation of what a generic aquatic complex could look like, not what it would look like.

The City of Calabasas encourages any resident interested in the aquatic complex design process to watch the video of the City Council meeting at the cityís website. The City Council and staff are committed that any complex built in Calabasas fit with the natural aesthetics of our community.

The updated Parks and Recreation Master Plan adopted by City Council in June 2004 calls for increased active recreational facilities in Calabasas, including an aquatics complex. The master plan process involved several community meetings, a random sample household survey and public forums in front of the parks and recreation commission and City Council. Participation from the community at all scheduled and noticed meetings, along with completed surveys, provided invaluable information and exceeded our expectations.

The parks master plan is a working document and provides a blueprint for many projects we undertake today. A well-designed aquatics complex would fulfill a goal of the master plan while providing a much needed active recreational facility on the west side of the city to complement the Calabasas Tennis & Swim Center on the east side. The city stands to benefit as the price to build will be far less now than when the economy was in better standing. It will also offer much needed work for contractors and help stimulate the local economy.

The City Council and staff could run such a facility as an enterprise fund similar to that of the Tennis & Swim Center in which membership dues and program fees cover the operational expenses. An aquatic complex could also serve to aid our school district that is facing severe cutbacks and could decide to close down their high school pools as a cost cutting measure.

In April, the City Council will review a revised concept design for the potential aquatic complex, along with an operational analysis. If the council decides to move forward there will be a thorough process to gather public opinion on the project and hold public hearings in front of the parks, recreation and education commission and the City Council.

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