Project Title:

Viewpoint Street Vacation


Dry Canyon Cold Creek Road (appx 1,200 feet)

Construction Date:




Applicant Contact: Viewpoint Educational Foundation
Staff Contact: Michael Klein, Senior Planner (818) 224-1710
Project Status: Incomplete, under review
  None at this time
Traffic and Transportation Commission: April 25, 2017
Development Review Committee(DRC): DRC, July 18, 2017
City Council:

Adoption of Resolution No. 2017-1560, declaring its intent to vacate its right, title and interest in a portion of the right-of-way located at Dry Canyon Cold Creek Road, directing the City Clerk to set a time and place for a public hearing pursuant to Chapter 3, Part 3, Division 9 of the Streets and Highways Code, and referring the matter to the Planning Commission for consideration of General Plan consistency

Item 7 - Staff Report
Attachment A - City Council Resolution No. 2017-1560
Attachment B - Parcel Map with proposed vacation
Attachment C - Aerial with proposed vacation

PowerPoint Presentation

On April 25, 2017 the Traffic and Transportation Commission reviewed a request by Viewpoint School to vacate a portion of Dry Canyon Cold Creek Road. At the time of the Traffic and Transportation Commissionís review, Viewpoint was requesting the City consider vacating approximately 2,200 feet of Dry Canyon Cold Creek, of which Viewpoint owns 55% of the properties that front this portion of Dry Canyon Cold Creek Road. The Traffic and Transportation Commission voted 2-1 to support the requested street vacation.

On May 18, 2017, Viewpoint filed an application asking the City to vacate approximately 1,200 feet of Dry Canyon Cold Creek Road (see above). Viewpoint owns all properties that front the proposed street vacation along Dry Canyon Cold Creek Road.

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