In August 2016, the City Council requested the Planning Commission look at inaccurate significant ridgeline mapping, and bring back a recommendation on what to do. Currently, the General Plan map lacks accuracy in certain areas of developed residential communities which were substantially graded at the time of their construction. The Planning Commission will be engaging is a series of meetings and workshops over the next six to 8 months and develop a recommendation to the Council on how to proceed.


Project Title:

City of Calabasas Significant Ridgeline Review

Staff Reports:

City Council Meeting - August 24, 2016

5. Discussion of City Ridgelines, associated Codes and Policies and direction to staff

Item 5 - Staff Report
Attachment A - Power-point Presentation
Attachment B - CMC 17.20.150 Hillside and Ridgeline Development
Attachment C - Letter to the Council from Mr. Perlmutter

Planning Commission Meeting - November 17, 2016

2. Review of Significant Ridgelines and Proposed Task Approach

Item 2 - Staff Report
Exhibit A - Ordinance No. 2016-340
Exhibit B - Staff Power-Point Presentation

Future Meetings:

Spring 2017


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