Project Title:

City-Wide Signal Interconnect Project


Agoura Road, Las Virgenes Road, Mureau Road, Calabasas Road, Park Granada, Park Sorrento, Parkway Calabasas, De Anza Park, and Tennis & Swim Center


Agreement Approval: August 12, 2009

Contract Award:

March 10, 2010

Construction Start Date:

May 3, 2010

Completion Date

May 15, 2011


Marc Seferian, Senior Civil Engineer -

The City-Wide Signal Interconnect project consists of installing fiber-optic cable along portions of Las Virgenes Road, Mureau Road and other streets which will link eleven (11) additional traffic signals to the City’s Traffic Management Center (TMC) and with each other.  Upon project completion, 15 intersections will be “inter-connected” through the TMC and can be coordinated, synchronized, managed and programmed remotely from City Hall.  The project will also consist of the installation of CCTV & Video detection cameras at 2 major intersections and activating the existing detection cameras at one intersection.  Fiber-optic cable will also be established at several community parks, recreation centers, and police and fire stations with the intent to provide seamless communication and coordination in times of emergency.

During the March 10, 2020 City Council meeting, the City Council awarded the City-Wide Signal Interconnect Project to Terno, inc for the amount of $654,021.70.

The project was completed on May 15, 2011.  The TMC has been remodeled to include six large-screen monitors assembled in a panel format and one large screen monitor displaying the region’s traffic conditions.  Additionally, Staff has initiated communication with eleven additional signalized intersections, installed six new traffic surveillance cameras and installed video detection cameras at two major intersections.  The existing detection cameras at the intersection of Parkway Calabasas and Calabasas Road were not replaced due to financial constraints.

Fiber optic cable now connects the Tennis and Swim Center, Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station and De Anza Park with City Hall.  The two local fire stations have the potential for future connection to the network with splicing stations installed outside both.

The project was fully funded with federal support through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and is now closed.

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