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Site History (APN 2069-078-009 and APN 2069-078-011)

Original Entitlement

In January 1991, the Baldwin Company processed an entitlement though Los Angeles County for the development of a large project called “Calabasas Park West”.  The entitled project, which consisted of the development of 550 homes, a church, park, open space and 200,000sf of commercial area, was made part of the City upon incorporation in 1991.  The portion of the project along Las Virgenes was approved for Commercial and Institutional use. 

1990 EIR

View of sites from 101 looking east, October 1990 DEIR

1991 to 2000

After 1991, the City developed a series of documents which looked at desirable site outcomes while acknowledging the valid site entitlements.  The General Plan (1995) and Zoning Map (1998) set a new goal of housing on the eastern site.  In the 1998 Las Virgenes Gateway Master Plan, a non-binding “plan objective” called for a mix of commercial, institutional and housing on the two sites, though at a density less than that entitled by the County.     While the 550 homes in “The Oaks” proceeded in 2000, development of these two entitled commercial and institutional sites did not.

Calabasas Interim Zoning Map, Sept. 1993; Calabasas General Plan Land Use Map, September 1995;
Las Virgenes Gateway Master Plan, December 1998

View of sites from Las Virgenes Rd. looking south, 1998 Las Virgenes Gateway Master Plan 

2000 to 2006

The properties were subsequently offered for sale; the westerly site was sold by the Baldwin’s in 2003, and the Archdiocese of Los Angeles sold the easterly site in 2006.   By 2006, the two properties had been consolidated under the ownership of the Messenger  Company, who initiated discussion with the City in 2004 for a large condominium development upon their initial acquisition of the westerly site.    The proposal was never formally submitted as an application based on City concerns, which primarily focused on the loss of the commercial component of the project and the developer’s desired intensity of residential development in higher hillside areas.

2007 to 2012

In 2007, the City embarked on their General Plan update, and with the guidance of the General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC),   visioning for the sites established a new mixed use community objective.   This included retail and commercial components, along with multifamily housing centered on a community green, all in a clustered setting to maximize open space on the sites.   General Plan illustrations (below) show the concept site plan for the project, and a view of the 3, three-story commercial buildings looking east from Las Virgenes Road.


Concept plan, 2008 General Plan         View east at LV and Agoura roads, 2008 General Plan

During final adoption of the General Plan in 2008, the City Council was required to address the State’s assessment of Regional Housing Needs (RHNA) as part of the Housing Element. To avoid impacting numerous Calabasas communities, the Council elected to intensify multi-family density at this location.   As a result,  the westerly site, which was zoned Planned Development (PD) carries a base entitlement of 155,000 square-feet of commercial use and 60 multi-family residential units; and the easterly site, which was zoned Residential – Multifamily (R-MF(20)), carries a base entitlement of 120 housing units.  The Multi-Family land use designation also includes apartments, condos, townhomes and visitor serving uses.

2010 Zoning Map; 2030 General Plan

After adoption of the General Plan in 2008, the Messenger Company determined that the envisioned commercial component of the project was not financially viable due to the recession, and instead elected to submit an application for a gated (158 home) private home community with a small 21,400 square-foot commercial component.   Amidst that application process, another change of ownership occurred and the sites were sold to the current owner, The New Home Company, in August 2012.  

Current Proposal

In January 2014, the New Home Company submitted an application for 149 residential units and a 120-room hotel.  In December 2014, New Homes elected to submit a new, reduced-scope proposal, consisting of 71 residential units and a 120-room hotel (67,580 square-feet).  The comparison chart below shows the evolution of the original 1990 entitlement to the current application.

                                1990 Entitlement                  2008 GP & 2010 Zoning             Current Proposal

West Site                  200,000sf Commercial              150,000sf Commercial      67,580sf Commercial (hotel)

East Site                   35,000sf Institutional                180 Dwelling Units                71 Dwelling Units

View east toward proposed entrance at LV and Agoura roads, Canyon Oaks, 3/2015 proposal

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