Project Title:



23401 Mulholland Highway (A.P.N. 2069-065-001;002; and 003)

Future Hearing Dates:

City Council upheld Planning Commission decision to approve a Site Plan Review, a Variance (height), Lot Line Adjustment, a Scenic Corridor Permit and an Oak Tree Permit for the construction of 3 new single-family residences on May 22, 2013.


A Mitigated Negative Declaration was adopted by the Planning Commission on April 18, 2013.

Construction Date:

October 2013


October 2014

Developer Contact:



Andrew Cohen-Cutler, Associate Planner at (818) 224-1600

BSVERCOM, LLC Three Lot Housing Project - Draft Initial Study Ė Mitigated Negative Declaration

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Located on approximately 17 acres comprised of 3 residential lots, BSVERCOM is requesting a Site Plan Review, a Scenic Corridor Permit and an Oak Tree Permit for the construction of 3 new single-family residences. Additionally, pursuant to Calabasas Municipal Code Section 17.20.140(b), the proposed building pad for Lot 1 would require approval of a building height variance to allow a maximum building height of 35 feet measured from finished grade. The proposed project includes the removal of six (6) oak trees, removal of scrub oak habitat, and encroaching on the protected zone of numerous existing oak trees on APN Nos. 2069-065-001, 2069-065-002, and 2069-065-003. Additionally, the scope of work includes: 1) driveway grading; 2) retaining wall construction; 3) construction of entry gates; 4) construction of swimming pools and spas on each property and; 5) construction of two (2) new pool houses, (one on APNís 2069-065-001 and one on APN 2069-065-002). An array of solar panels is proposed to provide power to each residence. The project site is within the Rural Residential (RR) zoning district and within the Mulholland Highway Scenic Corridor overlay. This project will require an environmental review and a Mitigated Negative Declaration. The project also includes a request for a Lot Line Adjustment to relocate the property line between APN Nos. 2069-065-001 and 2069-065-002.

Current Activity:

May 2013
On April 18, 2013, the Planning Commission adopted Resolution 2013-542, approving and certifying the adequacy of a Mitigated Negative Declaration, and adopted Resolution 2013-543 approving File No. 110001621. The Planning Commission's decision is being appealed to the City Council on the regular scheduled meeting of May 22, 2013.

November 2012
The project has progressed through the Development Review Committee and Architectural Review Committee process. The Draft Mitigated Negative Declaration has been finished and will be circulated beginning on November 15, 2012.

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