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Possible Annexation into the City of Calabasas

The City of Calabasas welcomes Mountain View Estates residents to the Calabasas website.  This page will provide links to information about potential annexation into the City of Calabasas, benefits to joining Calabasas, and frequently asked questions about annexation.



On March 18, 2010 the City filed with the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) of Los Angeles County an application and attendant documentation for processing and consideration of the annexation.  Prior to LAFCO consideration of the matter, the city is required to pre-zone the proposed annexation area in conformance with the land use designations in the City's adopted General Plan.  Accordingly, the Planning Commission will conduct a public hearing on May 6, 2010 (starting at 7:00pm in the City Council Chambers at City Hall) to consider the pre-zoning and will make a recommendation to the City Council, as required under Chapter 17.76 of the Calabasas Municipal Code.  NOTE: Public notices for the May 6, 2010 Planning Commission public hearing were mailed on April 21, 2010 to all property owners in the Mountain View Estates subdivision, and they were mailed to all property owners within 500 feet of the proposed annexation area. 

The pre-zoning will match the City's zoning districts to the existing land uses in the area.  For example, the city's "Residential - Single Family" zoning will be applied to the existing single-family residential properties in the existing Mountain View Estates subdivision.  Likewise, the open space areas will be pre-zoned to "Open Space - Development Restricted", and the Gates Canyon Park property will be zoned "Recreation", commensurate with that existing use.  All of these land uses and attendant zoning designations conform to the recommendations found in the City's 2030 General Plan.

Benefits of Annexation:



Frequently Asked Questions
Residents with unaddressed questions may contact the Community Development Director Maureen Tamuri at (818) 224-1600 or via email at

Questions include:

  • Q: What costs, if any, will residents be required to pay if Mountain View Estates is annexed?

    A: Annexation will have ZERO financial impact on residents.  Property taxes will not be affected and utility taxes currently paid by Mountain View Estates residents are identical to those charged by the City of Calabasas.

  • Q: How much money will the City of Calabasas receive from Mountain View Estates taxes if it is annexed?

    A: The City of Calabasas currently receives an average of 4.7 cents from every dollar that our residents pay in property tax.  If we assume that the City will receive the same share from Mountain View Estates, the amount coming to the City would be computed as follows:  Property in California is taxed at 1% of assessed value.  Assuming the average home in Mountain View Estates is assessed at $2.0 million, then property tax on that home would be $20,000.  The City would receive .047% of that $20,000, or $940.  Multiplied by the 385 homes in Mountain View Estates, the City would receive $361,900 in property tax annually.

    Mountain View Estates residents pay the County a 5% Utility Users Tax (UUT).  The City also has a 5% UUT.  Upon annexation, this UUT would come to the City.  Assuming $25 per home per month is paid in UUT, then $9,625 would also come to the City monthly.  On a yearly basis that would come to $115,500.
    So, the total amount that the City of Calabasas would receive if Mountain View Estates is annexed would be about $477,400.

  • Q: How would this money be used?

    100% of this money would be spent locally to pay for City services, Sheriff Services, roads, medians, community programs, and everything that makes Calabasas such a great place to live.  Currently, this money is spent throughout the County of Los Angeles.

  • Q: How was Mountain View Estates identified to be annexed to the City of Calabasas?

    A: Calabasas recently adopted a newly updated
    General Plan which identified several north lying areas "bookended" by Calabasas  as having the potential for being annexed to the City.

  • Q: What are the major differences in the City and Los Angeles County Municipal Codes?

    A: Los Angeles County and Calabasas municipal codes are very similar.  A few points of interest in the Calabasas municipal code include a requirement that mobile car was businesses be licensed to ensure compliance with environmental protection regulations, a requirement that pet owners clean-up  after their pets, and the
    secondhand smoke control ordinance.

  • Q: Will Calabasas exercise powers of eminent domain over open spaces owned by Mountain View Estates?

    A: No.  The City of Calabasas is known as a protector of open space and has never exercised eminent domain to take any property.  Calabasas is willing to enter into a pre-annexation contract ensuring that the City would never exercise power of eminent domain over any property owned by Mountain View Estates.

Answers to more questions may be found in the Mountain View Estates Annexation Q&A Document (pdf).

Responses to Recently Submitted Resident Questions:


Additional information

Ordinance No. 2009-1206 - Affirming the City's Intent to the Residents of Mountain View Estates Regarding Preservation of their Designated Open Space
Meeting notes from August 3, 2009 City Council Meeting
Power point presentation from City Council Meeting on August 3, 2009 (ppt - 670 kb)
Letters sent by City to Residents and Mountain View Estates Board of Directors
Calabasas 2030 General Plan Land Use Map (pdf)
Los Angeles Times Article from August 30, 1996 - "Mountain View Estates Annexation Rescinded"
Video of the Calabasas 2009-2011 Budget Presentation at the June 24, 2009 City Council Meeting (Click on Jump To menu and select agenda item #18)
Landscape Maintenance District Profile


Comparison of Open Space Zoning: LA County vs. City of Calabasas


Feature or Item

LA County

City of Calabasas


Single-family zoning - Name Residential - Single Family
(R-1, U2)
Residential - Single Family
County max density is 2 d.u./acre; City has ability (upon annexation) to tailor minimum lot size to match the neighborhood
Allows a SF dwelling?



Allows swimming pools?



Allows accessory structures (such as gazebos, pool/guest houses, detached garages, etc.)?



Allows home occupations?



Allows second units?





Feature or Item

LA County

City of Calabasas


Open Space zoning - Name Open Space - Deed Restricted
(OS - DR)
Open Space - Development Restricted (OS - DR)

NOTE: The deed-restricted parcels owned & controlled by the HOA remain deed-restricted regardless of annexation or zone change.

Allowed uses

Uses allowed via permit or CUP include but not limited to: golf courses &/or driving ranges, camp grounds, 8' fences/walls, lodges & hotels, airports &/or landing strips, caretaker dwellings, telephone repeater buildings &/or other communication buildings, microwave stations, electric transmission substations, energy generating & storing facilities, RV trailer parks, sports clubs, youth hostels, and temporary film permits (see sections 22.40.410 thru 22.40.430 of County Code for detailed list).

Other than recreation trails and temporary film permits, no development of any kind is allowed, even via CUP.  (see Calabasas Municipal Code chapters 17.11 and 17.16)

NOTE: Compared to LA County, the City's OS-DR zoning adds an extra level of protection via the Open Space Initiative (see 17.16.030 of the CMC), which requires 2/3 majority voter approval of any land use zoning change for open space designated lands.


Feature or Item

LA County

City of Calabasas


Park - Name of Zoning Category Open Space - Park

Recreation (REC)

City uses the Development Plan process for review/approval of any proposed development of “REC” zoned properties.

Allowed uses Same as other open space zoned lands (see notes above). Municipal park and open space only. NOTE: Compared to LA County, the City's OS-DR zoning adds an extra level of protection via the Open Space Initiative (see 17.16.030 of the CMC), which requires 2/3 majority voter approval of any land use zoning change for open space designated lands.


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