Historic Place of the Month - March 2012

March’s Historic Place of the Month was:

The Park Moderne Fountain

The Park Moderne Fountain is part of the original Park Moderne housing development. Park Moderne was subdivided into 174 lots in 1927. The proposed development was organized along narrow streets named for birds and was envisioned as an artist colony featuring footpaths, pools, fountains and a pump house. Many of the features and several buildings were designed by prominent architects including Rudolph Schindler and Jock Peters. The existing Park Moderne Fountain is the only remaining fountain constructed as part of the planned development.

The Park Moderne Fountain is a 96” tall, Art Deco obelisk sitting in a rectangular basin. The basin is 64” long and 96” wide. On two sides of the obelisk, chevrons step out and up on the structure. The third side consists of an undulating panel inset containing colored glass.

The Park Moderne Fountain was designed by Jock Peters, one of the avant-garde architects involved in the original design of the community. Peters’ most prominent designs were the interiors of Bullocks Wilshire. Because the fountain is essentially the same as when originally built, it is one of the only physical landmarks remaining in pristine condition within the Park Moderne development.

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