Calabasas Land Use Map

Calabasas Zoning Map

Title 17 - Land Use and Development Code

Calabasas Development Code Update November 2009 (Redline Version)

Draft Initial Study/Negative Declaration

Notice of Intent to Adopt a Negative Declaration for the Calabasas Development Code Update

Draft Land Use &  Development Code November 2009 (Redline Version)

Draft Land Use & Development Code  November 2009 (Clean Copy)

Calabasas Zoning Map Changes October 2009 (Color)

Calabasas Zoning Map Changes October 2009 (Black and White)

Draft Calabasas Zoning Map May 2009

Calabasas Development Code Update Project Presentation Planning Commission - May 21, 2009

Planning Commission Workshops
(Development Code Update)

June 4, 2009
Staff Report
Attachment A: Proposed Table 2-2, Land Use Table
PowerPoint Presentation

June 18, 2009
Staff Report
Attachment A: Revised Chapter 17.38-Reasonable Accommodation
Attachment B: June 4, 2009 Planning Commission Minutes

July 2, 2009
Staff Report
Attachment A: June 18, 2009 Planning Commission Minutes

July 16, 2009
Staff Report
Attachment A: July 2, 2009 Planning Commission Minutes
Attachment B: Letter from Schmitz & Associates
Attachment C: Letter from Las Virgenes Homeowners Federation, Inc.
Attachment D: City of Los Angeles Height Measurement Handout
Letter from Toby Keeler to the Planning Commission

October 8, 2009
Item 3 - Staff Report
Attachment A - Planning Commission Resolution No. 09-641
Attachment B - Draft City Council Ordinance 2009-265
Attachment C - Draft Land Use and Development Code
Attachment D - Draft Zoning Map
Attachment E - Negative Declaration
Attachment F - Amended Definitions for Community Center, Regional and Community Center,  Neighborhood

October 29, 2009
Item 2 - Staff Report
Attachment A - Revised Pages for Development Code
Attachment B - October 8, 2009 Staff Report
Attachment C - Planning Commission Resolution 09-941
Attachment D - Draft City Council Ordinance

If you have have questions or comments about the Calabasas Development Code, please contact Tom Bartlett:

Tom Bartlett
(818) 224-1703

Calabasas General Plan
(December 2008) (.pdf)

2030 General Plan
Environmental Impact Report
(December 2008) (.pdf)

Appendix A -
Notice of Preparation and NOP Responses

Notice of Completion of a Draft Environmental Impact Report (.pdf)

General Plan Presentations to the Planning Commission and City Council
(September - November 2008)

Presentation to Planning Commission: September 4, 2008
     - Minutes
Presentation to Planning Commission: September 25, 2008
     - Minutes
Presentation to City Council: October 11, 2008
Presentation to City Council: October 22,  2008
Presentation to City Council: November 12, 2008

Presentation to the City Council: December 10, 2008

Planning Commission Public Hearing of September 4, 2008

PowerPoint Presentation (11MB)
Correspondence presented before Planning Commission Hearing of Sept. 4, 2008
          Email from Peter and Deborah Heumann
          Email from Robert Lia
          Letter from Ellie Bracken (Malibu Canyon Villas)
          Letter from John & Karen Martin
          Letter from Norm Beurhing (Community Association of Saratoga Hills)
                    and Andrew Leff (Saratoga Ranch Owner Association)
          Letter from Robert Adelman and Maya Shulman (Residents of Saratoga Hills and Ranch)
          Letter from The Calabasas Westside Coalition

Click here for a list of:

General Plan Advisory Committee Meetings and Public Workshops

General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC) Meetings:

Meeting No.

Meeting Date/Agenda

Additional Information

Meeting No. 1 January 18, 2007 Meeting No. 1 - Summary
Meeting No. 2 February 15, 2007 Meeting No. 2 - Summary
Meeting No. 3 March 15, 2007 Meeting No. 3 - Summary
Meeting No. 4 April 19, 2007 Meeting No. 4 - Summary
Meeting No. 5 July 25, 2007 Meeting No. 5 Summary
Presentation from Meeting No. 5
Meeting No. 6 September 20, 2007 Meeting No. 6 Summary
Presentation from Meeting No. 6
Meeting No. 7 November 1, 2007 Meeting No. 7 Summary
Presentation from Meeting No. 7
Meeting No. 8 November 15, 2007 Meeting No. 8 Summary
Presentation from Meeting No. 8
Meeting No. 9 December 6, 2007 Meeting No. 9 Summary
Presentation from Meeting No. 9
Meeting No. 10 January 17, 2008 Meeting No. 10 Summary
Presentation from Meeting No. 10
Meeting No. 11 February 7, 2008 Meeting No. 11 Summary
Presentation from Meeting No. 11
Meeting No. 12 February 21, 2008 Meeting No. 12 Summary
Presentation from Meeting No. 12
Meeting No. 13 March 6, 2008 Meeting No. 13 Summary
Presentation from Meeting No. 13
Meeting No. 14 March 20, 2008 Meeting No. 14 Summary
Presentation from Meeting No. 14
Meeting No. 15 April 17, 2008 Meeting No. 15 Summary
Presentation from Meeting No. 15
Meeting No. 16 May 15, 2008 Meeting No. 16 Summary
Presentation from Meeting No. 16
Meeting No. 17 June 19, 2008 Meeting No. 17 Summary
Presentation from Meeting No. 17

General Plan Public Workshops:

Workshop No.

Workshop Date

Workshop Summary

Workshop No. 1 March 29, 2007 General Plan Public Workshop No. 1 Summary
Workshop No. 2 May 17 & 18, 2007 General Plan Visioning Charrette Summary
Workshop No. 3 August 16, 2007 Workshop No. 3 Summary
PowerPoint Presentation (3mb)

Study Session Presentations:

Planning Commission Presentation - September 27, 2007
Planning Commission Presentation - October 18, 2007
Presentation to the HOA Presidents - January 29, 2008 (PowerPoint 5.87MB)

Stakeholder Meetings Summary:

Summary: March 21 & 22, 2007


Land Use Map
Roadway System (pdf - 18MB)
Neighborhood Protection and Housing
Open Space, Recreation & Trails
Potential Infill/Revitalization Areas
Plan Area Boundaries & Potential Annexation Areas
Calabasas Transit Lines

Issue Papers:

Issue Paper on Transportation and Circulation (July 2007)
Issue Paper on Retail  (July 2007)
Issue Paper on Economic Development (June 2007)
Issue Paper on Sustainability (June 2007)
Issue Paper on Open Space (May 2007)
Issue Paper on Recreational Facilities (May 2007)
Issue Paper on Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Reduction Strategies (April 2007)
Issue Paper on Affordable Housing (April 2007)

Community Survey
In order to gauge public opinion regarding issues relevant to the 2030 General Plan Update, a random-sample telephone survey was conducted by Research Network, Ltd. This is the same company that conducted the 2005 public opinion survey for the City. A web-based survey was considered; however, to produce statistically reliable data, the random-sample telephone survey approach was selected.

The survey, along with public workshops scheduled during the first phase of the General Plan work effort, offers community members several opportunities to be involved.

Calabasas Resident Telephone Survey Report (pdf) - April 2007
          Appendix A

December 2006

The Community Development Department is gearing up for an update to the City’s General Plan, and all citizens of Calabasas are encouraged to play a part in the process.

Under California law, the City’s General Plan is the foundational policy document regarding land use and development, housing, infrastructure planning, and environmental protection. State law also requires the City to maintain a current general plan. Therefore, because the City’s general plan is more than ten years old, an update is necessary.  The process for updating the general plan will begin in January 2007, and is expected to be completed in July 2008.

The planning process will be overseen by a twenty member General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC), composed of representatives from various City commissions and the general public, and representing all geographic areas of the City. The appointments to the GPAC will be completed in December 2006 and the GPAC will convene initially in January 2007.  In the meantime, the City Council will be asked to select the planning consultant based upon responses to a Request for Proposals at its December 6, 2006 meeting. The planning consultant will staff and coordinate the activities of the GPAC; prepare the underlying planning studies and working documents; conduct community input and feedback exercises and workshops; prepare the environmental impact report (EIR); and eventually present the final draft plan to the Planning Commission and the City Council for their consideration.

Residents, property owners, and business owners in the City of Calabasas will play a very important role in the development of the new General Plan. They will be asked to contribute ideas, goals, and expectations for the future vision of Calabasas at public workshops, via community surveys, and at public hearings. Please take this responsibility seriously and lend the GPAC and planning team opinions and views so that the new General Plan may appropriately reflect the hopes and expectations of the broader community. Watch for future e.News articles, mailings, and public notices concerning general plan workshops, meetings, and exercises starting in January 2007.


Process Summary

Task 1 - Project Coordination Meeting with City Staff
Task 2 - Community Outreach Program
Task 3 - Draft Issue Reports
Task 4 - Visioning Charrette:  Establishing the Vision and Foundation for the General Plan
Task 5 - Land Use Scenario Development/GPAC Scenario Review
Task 6 - Public Workshops
Task 7 - GPAC Meeting to Recommend Preferred Land Use Alternative
Task 8 - Meeting with Planning Commission/ City Council to Select Preferred Land Use Alternative

Task 9 - Draft General Plan Elements
Task 9a - Land Design Concept Illustration
Task 9b – Development of 11 Elements
Task 10 – GPAC Meetings
Task 11 - Planning Commission/City Council Meetings to Endorse Draft Plan

PHASE 3:  GENERAL PLAN UPDATE COMPLETION (Environmental Impact Report, Fiscal Impact Analysis, Final Plan Adoption)
Task 12 – General Plan EIR and Fiscal Impact Analysis
Task 13 - Final General Plan Refinement
Task 14 - Final General Plan Adoption Hearings


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