Simple things you can do:

Buy used goods to get more use out of them (clothing, sports equipment, furniture).
Ride bikes, the bus, or walk instead of using a car.
Reuse- old containers, wagons, or pots can be used as planters, print on both sides of the paper, use old buttons and cloth for your art projects

Don’t litter- put a bag in your car for trash or other areas where people may be tempted to litter

Volunteer to clean up the environment- Organizations like Heal the Bay (www.healthebay.org) provide opportunities to clean up the beaches and creek.  Donating to organizations, like Mountains Restoration Trust (www.mountainstrust.org), is also a great way to protect and restore open space.

Tips for Businesses:

Integrate the environment and the economy in all levels of decision-making.  Utilize economic appraisals that fully value the costs of goods and services (including environmental and social impacts).
Revise how we measure and value growth to be equitable, long-term, and reflect quality of life elements.
Incorporate economic incentives that encourage the conservation of resources: reflect the total cost of goods; and shift the burden of taxes and fees from the public to the user.
Reorient technology to better manage risks and efficiently utilizes materials and energy.

“In our every deliberation, we must consider the consequences to the next seven generations.”

www.environmentalscience.org - Environmental science
www.patagonia.com - Clothing made from organic cotton, recycled plastic, and hemp
www.greenpages.org   - "Green" Yellow Pages
www.greenmountain.com - Find out more about Green Energy
www.workingassets.com - Socially responsible phone service
www.greatergood.com  - Shopping
www.ecofurn.com.au  - Ecological furniture
www.domini.com - Socially responsible investing
www.coopamerica.org - Co-op America
www.consrv.ca.gov - Department of Conservation
www.asje.org - Alliance for Sustainable Jobs and the Environment
www.aceee.org - American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy
www.doe.gov - U.S. Department of Energy
www.earthday.net - Earthday Network
www.environmentaldefense.org/home.cfm   - Alliance for Environmental Innovation
www.earthship.org - Earthship
www.millionsolarroofs.com - Million Solar Roofs Initiative
www.sustainable.org - Sustainable Communities Network
gen.ecovillage.org - Global Eco-Village Network
www.scced.org - The Southern California Council on Environment and Development
www.scag.ca.gov/livable/index.htm - SCAG’s Livable Places Initiative
www.netimpact.org - Net Impact
www.wbcsd.ch - World Business Council for Sustainable Development
www.rmi.org - Rocky Mountain Institute

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