Simple things you can do:

Keep your tires properly inflated – you’ll get better gas mileage
Don’t top off the gas tank.  Spilled fuel is a big contributor to pollution
Consider buying an electric lawn mower when you replace an old one
Try “Zero-VOC” or no solvent paints
Conserving energy at home will result in less coal being burnt to produce that energy.
Planting a tree will help filter pollutants out of the air
Buy energy efficient compact fluorescent lights and other Energy-Saving appliances
Carpool, ride bikes, and walk more
To locate the nearest alternative fuel station (Compressed Natural Gas, LPG (Propane), Electric, Liquefied Natural Gas, 85% Ethanol (E85), or Biodiesel), enter your zip code on-line at Alternative Fuel Station Locator.
For general information on alternative fuels, visit the Alternative Fuels Data Center at Alternative Fuels Data Center or call (800) 423-1363.

Carpooling to work:

Contact your employer about ridesharing incentives.  Many employers will compensate employees for carpooling and using public transportation. If your employer has fewer then 250 employees and you have been ride sharing one day a week for at least 6 months, you may qualify for a Club Metro Card. It provides 20% off and 2 for 1 discounts at participating merchants. Following the trial period you can even receive $2.00/day for sharing that ride.  For more information contact the MTA-Club Metro at 213-922-2811.

Contact Southern California Rideshare at 1-800-COMMUTE or visit www.socalcommute.org for potential carpool partners.

www.energystar.gov - Energy saving appliances, computers, etc.
www.globalgreen.org - Information about Renewable Energy
www.energy.ca.gov/renewables - California Energy Commission
www.epa.gov/climatechange/index.html - Global Warming Information
www.climatehotmap.org - Global Warming Information
www.mta.net - Metro Bus schedules
www.metrolinktrains.com - Metrolink Train schedule
www.fueleconomy.gov - Gas mileage tips and alternative fuel vehicles
www.electriccars.com - Electric car information
www.AQMD.gov - South Coast Air Quality Management District
car.pege.org - Planetary Engineering Group Earth - electric cars

www.eelink.net - Environmental Education Resources

www.ase.org - Alliance to Save Energy - lesson plans
www.ises.org - International Solar Energy Society
www.aqmd.gov/rules  - Air regulations - fugitive dust/charbroilers/spray painting permits
www.coalitionforcleanair.org - Coalition for Clean Air
www.cheapcarinsurance.net/online-guide-to-the-electric-car/ - Guide to Electric Cars
http://www.carsdirect.com/encyclopedia/alternative-fuel-info-center - Alternative Fuel Information Center

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