The Calabasas City Council has adopted an ordinance regulating mobile car wash operations within the City of Calabasas.  The ordinance requires mobile car wash businesses to obtain permits from the City and follow certain regulations to prevent pollutants from entering the storm drain system.  Calabasas is the first California city regulating mobile commercial car wash operations.

The Clean Water Act requires cities to create enforceable regulations to prevent pollutants from discharging into storm drains and eventually polluting creeks and oceans.   The operation of mobile car washes on various residential and commercial office driveways and parking lots typically violate the Clean Water Act.   Such violations could subject the City to fines and notices of violations by the Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB).  The Board is requesting that local governments increase their efforts to prevent wastewater generated from mobile washers to enter the storm drain systems and make sure the waste water is properly discharged to the sewer system or to a waste water recycling facility. 

The new ordinance defines “Mobile commercial washing” as any activity conducted for compensation that involves the washing of automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, or any other vehicle, and which is moved from one location to another, such as to serve customers at their residences or places of work and includes any temporary car wash event conducted by any person for the purpose of fund raising. 

The new permit system requires each mobile car wash operator to apply and receive a permit from the City’s Public Works Department.  The permit is valid for one year and is not transferable.  Each permit holder must ensure that all car wash employees are knowledgeable of the discharge limitations listed in the City’s ordinance and that they use appropriate preventive measures whenever they are engaged in car washing activities.  For more information, please contact the Environmental Services Division at (818) 224-1600.

Ordinance No. 2008-251 Regulating Mobile Car Wash (.pdf)
Application for Mobile Car Wash Operations Permit (.pdf)
Car Wash Brochure (.pdf)

Permitted Mobile Car Washing Companies:

The Art of Mobile Detail (661) 547-1294

Carrillo’s Automotive Detailing

(818) 346-9124
Corporate Auto Spa (818) 738-5442
Exotic Shine Auto Detailing (818) 571-7583
Alex Formula 1 Auto Detail (818) 451-5819
Garcia Auto Detail (818) 317-9370
Inside Out Detailing & Maintenance (310) 621-8235
L.A. Car Connection, Inc. (818) 340-9858
Mobile One Enterprises (626) 536-2550
Smart Car Wash (818) 223-8916
GoGreen Mobile Wash (805) 428-2556

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