A Sustainable Community balances commerce, residential living, recreation, transportation, clean air and water, culture, aesthetics, open spaces, and protection of wildlife and sensitive habitat.  Each person plays an important role in maintaining a clean environment because cumulative impacts may result as the greatest contributor to pollution.

Everyone can take simple steps to promote a healthy environment and restore your own personal space to a more natural surrounding.  One approach is to live simply so as not to over consume which reduces waste, clutter in your home, and saves you money.  For more tips on how to live a sustainable lifestyle and locate links on “green” services and products, check out Sustainable Communities.


The quality of our air can also be the result of our own personal choices.  Whether we use energy in the form of electricity in our homes or gas in our cars, we are changing the air we breathe.   For ways you can make a positive difference in keeping our skies blue and lungs healthy, check out Air Quality.



The City of Calabasas is divided into two watersheds, one draining into Malibu Creek and the other into the Los Angeles River.  Water draining into the streets goes directly to local creeks, via the storm drain system, picking up pollutants along the way.  Urban runoff is the biggest contributor to ocean pollution.  To find out how you can help protect our creeks and beaches, please check Water Quality.


Consumerism creates environmental impacts that are more difficult to identify, but are nonetheless real and important.  The harvesting, packaging, transporting, consuming, and discarding of an item can leave a wasteful trail behind.  Material goods not only use the Earth’s resources, they can pollute the land, air, and water.  For some simple tips on how to curb an excessive consumerism lifestyle, go to Consumerism.


The City of Calabasas is also blessed with an abundant and diverse wildlife.  Wildlife, consisting of plants, animals, and land, enriches our lives.  Wildlife can protect soils from erosion, transcend urban noises, clean our air, and help clear our minds.  To find out how we can better live with wildlife, please check Wildlife.


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