What you can do to simplify your life:

When buying gifts for others, think about donating money to a nonprofit in their name, or buying something they will consume instead of possibly clutter their homes.
Spend more time outdoors and less time at the mall- hanging out at the mall increases your chances of impulse buying.
Purchase goods made from recycled products –close the loop and save a tree.
Buy organic goods, which don’t contribute to pesticide and artificial fertilizers to our air and water.
Purchase a fuel-efficient car, or ride a bike.

“Live within your means and within your seams.”

www.workingassests.com - Socially Responsible phone company
www.coopamerica.org - “Green” yellow pages
www.ciwmb.ca.gov - California Integrated Waste Management - solid waste
www.globalreporting.org - Global sustainability reporting
www.bsr.org - Business for Social Responsibility
www.ecotek.com - natural fabric
www.patagonia.com  - Clothes made of organic cotton, recycled plastic, and hemp
www.greenla.com - LADWP renewable energy source program
www.fueleconomy.gov - Gas mileage tips and better fuel-efficiency vehicles.
www.ecofurn.com.au  - Ecological Furniture
http://www.un.org/ - United Nations

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