The Calabasas City Council adopted a resolution on January 16, 2007 setting a new recycling goal of 75% by 2012, making Calabasas only the second California city (after San Francisco) and the first city in Southern California to set such an ambitious goal for recycling.  

Based on a study conducted by Calabasas staff, nearly 80% trash delivered to landfills in Southern California could have been recycled through increasing waste prevention, recycling, and composting that saves costs and conserves precious resources.  Calabasas currently recovers more than 55% of the materials it discards.  The new Council directive means that through collective effort of all residents and businesses, the City will divert 5% additional waste away from landfills to recycling facilities each year to achieve the 75% diversion goal by 2012.

As part of the resolution, the City Council has directed staff to:

1.            Enter into franchise agreements with haulers that can meet city’s expectations;

2.            Prepare an ordinance to require contractors to recycle construction and demolition debris; and

3.            Prepare an ordinance to commercial and multi-family property owners to upgrade their sub-standard trash enclosures that cannot accommodate a recycling container.

City staff will provide outreach and technical assistance to the public, businesses and schools, initiate innovative programs to maximize waste prevention and recycling, and partner with organizations with compatible goals.


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