General Plan: Community Issue

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 - Process
Chapter 2 - Primary Community Themes
Chapter 3 - Community Development, Design, and Related Issues
Chapter 4 - Municipal Facilities and Services Issues
Chapter 5 - Environmental Resources and Related Issues
Chapter 6 - Environmental Hazards and Related Issues
Appendix A - City of Calabasas General Plan Program Press Information Kit
Appendix B - Summary of Targeted Interviews
Appendix C - Visioning Charette
Appendix D - Citywide Workshop
Appendix E - Community Attitude Survey
Appendix F - General Plan Advisory Committee Meeting 1 - Calabasas Timeline
Appendix G - General Plan Advisory Committee Meeting 2 - Prioritizing Issues
Appendix H - General Plan Advisory Committee Meeting 3 - Looking at the Future
General Plan: Community Profile
Table of Contents
Community Development and Design
Municipal Facilities and Services
Environmental Resources
Environmental Hazards
Appendix A - Historic, Cultural, and Paleontological Resources
Appendix B - Biological Resources
Appendix C - Circulation
Appendix D - Geology
General Plan: Agenda for the 21st Century
Conservation, Environmental Design, and Open Space
Land Use
Housing Improvement Program
Environmental Hazards
Community Development
General Plan Implementation Programs
Appendix A - Policy Terms
Appendix B - General Plan Glossary
Appendix C - Historic Cultural
General Plan: Consistency Review Program
Table of Contents
Development/Environmental Review Process
General Plan Performance Standards
The City of Calabasas CEQA - Local Implementation Guidelines
Resolution No. 2001-673
General Provisions and Definitions
Exemptions From These Rules
Preliminary Review of Projects and Initial Studies
Approval of Projects Having No Significant Effect on the Environment
Determining That a Project Will Have a Significant Effect on the Environment
Preparation for an EIR and Approval of Project
Types of EIRs and Subsequent Environmental Documents
Special Situations
Appeals of Determination to Require an EIR
Las Virgenes Gateway Master Plan
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - The Vision and Theme
Chapter 3 - Master Plan Goals
Chapter 4 - The Land Use Plan
Chapter 5 - Conceptual Images Master Plan Components
Chapter 6 - Las Virgenes Creek Reclamation Plan
Chapter 7 - Design Standards
Chapter 8 - Circulation
Chapter 9 - Public Improvements
Chapter 10 - Implementation
Appendix A - Community Workshop and Public Hearing Input
Appendix B - Community Survey Input
Appendix C - Parcel Specific Maps of Overlay Zone
Appendix D - General Plan Text Amendments & The Las Virgenes Gateway Overlay Zone
Las Virgenes Road Corridor Design Plan
Table of Contents
Corridor Design Plan
Funding and Implementation
Final Initial Study and Mitigated Negative Declaration for Las Virgenes Gateway Master plan and Las Virgenes Road Corridor Design Plan
Table of Contents
Project Description
Environmental Factors Potentially Affected
Evaluation of Environmental Impacts
Appendix 1 - Traffic Report
Appendix 2 - Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Plans
Appendix 3 - Public Comments Received and Responses to Comments
City of Calabasas Mulholland Highway Master Plan - Final EIR
Project Description
CEQA Conditions of Approval
Mitigation Monitoring Program
Appendix 1: Mulholland Highway Master Plan
Appendix 2: Planning Commission Minutes are available by contacting the City Clerk at 818-224-1600.
Appendix 3: Comments and Responses and Planning Commission an City Council Input concerning the Plan
Calabasas Hazard Mitigation Plan
Table of Contents
Mitigation Action Plan
Hazard Specific Information
A Creek Protection 7 Revitalization Plan for Las Virgenes Creek
Table of Contents
Natural Processes
Change - The Impact of Development
Opportunities and Recommendations

Creeks Master Plan

Table of Contents
City Council Resolution No. 2006-1025
Part One: Comprehensive Study
Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Site Assessment
Chapter 3 - Plans and Policies
Chapter 4 - Opportunities and Constraints
Chapter 5 - Alternatives Development
Chapter 6 - Alternatives Evaluation
Chapter 7 - Conclusions
Chapter 8 - Recommendations
Chapter 9 - References
Appendix A - Watershed Modeling Analysis
Appendix B - Survey for Native Fish Habitat in Streams of the City of Calabasas with Special Reference to Restoration for Native Fishes
Appendix C - Water Quality Data
Part Two - Feasibility Study
Executive Summary
Creek Analysis
Las Virgenes Creek
Dry Canyon Creek
McCoy Creek
Summary of Results
Appendix No. 1
Appendix No. 2
Appendix No. 3

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