October 7, 2015




Sadly, the City has issued permission for a private landscaping crew to remove the large Valley Oak Tree (Quercus Lobata) located at 23504 Calabasas Road in Old Town next to the historic Kramer Store. After an exhaustive evaluation led by the City's certified arborist, it was determined that decay in the centuries old tree was extensive and presented an extreme risk for full or partial failure. In light of the tree's massive canopy of weakened branches, its location over Old Town businesses and the heavily attended Farmers' Market, and recent tragic tree failures throughout Calabasas and California, the City and the arborists determined that removal was the only option to ensure public safety.

"We are very sad that this tree must come down," said Calabasas Mayor Lucy Martin, "but it can't be saved, and we must act to keep our residents and visitors safe."

The tree appears in numerous historic photographs dating back to 1914; it was sometimes called "the hanging tree" and has been included in numerous historical reports on the development of Calabasas and the San Fernando Valley. As early as the 1920s it had sustained trunk damage, loss of large limbs due to breakage or pruning, and the top of the trunk had already broken off.

The tree is scheduled for removal later this week.

The City is joined by the property owner in their desire to memorialize the oak tree, and will work with the Historic Preservation Commission to develop appropriate signage recognizing its contribution to the character of Old Town Calabasas.

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