August 14, 2014


In response to continuing drought conditions, the Las Virgenes Municipal Water District Board of Directors has adopted an “even/odd” irrigation schedule for all district customers.

Under the new plan which begins on September 1, 2014, customers with addresses ending in even numbers may only irrigate on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Addresses ending in odd numbers may only irrigate on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Irrigation may not occur between 10 a.m. and 5 pm.; no irrigation is permitted on Sundays. Although the plan doesn’t officially take effect until September 1, residents are encouraged to being following the plan immediately.

The irrigation schedule applies to all potable and recycled water customers. Recycled water customers may be allowed a different irrigation schedule upon demonstration, through a site visit, that they are using water efficiently and achieving the same result as the watering restriction. These customers may contact the District to request a site visit at (818) 251-2200.

After September 1, warning letters and fines for repeat offenders will be assessed. The LVMWD Board has increased fines up to $500 for repeat violations within a one-year period. The new schedule is consistent with drought regulations mandated by the State Water Resources Control Board in July.

For more information on the plan and to learn ways that you can save water and lower your bill, please visit:



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