July 9, 2015




The City of Calabasas has retained a contractor to install curb screens on all storm drain catch basins throughout the City, including gated communities, commercial properties, and educational institutions.


The curb screens, also known as Automatic Retractable Screen (ARS) Units, are made out of stainless steel and installed in compliance with the Federal Clean Water Act (CWA) and regulations adopted by the California Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The purpose of installing curb screens is to prevent trash, debris, sediment, and vegetation from entering the storm drain and eventually polluting creeks, rivers, and beaches.


During the next three months, the City’s contractor will be entering gated communities, commercial properties, and school campuses where storm drain catch basins are identified. They will require access to the catch basins to obtain the required measurements needed to fabricate the screens. Another crew will then be sent out to clean the catch basins prior to the installation of the permanent curb screens.


We thank all residents and businesses for their cooperation. The City of Calabasas will strive to limit the level of inconvenience to residents and businesses. Please contact the City’s Environmental Services Division at (818) 224-1600 if you have any questions.

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