March 11, 2014

CTV Encoder Up and Running!

The CTV Encoder, which went offline last Thursday evening, has been replaced and the new and improved system is up and running.   The encoder streams CTV – The Calabasas Channel live and also archives meetings and programsThe new system provides a better and faster live stream.  You can view CTV Live on your computer or mobile device at:   

You can also watch all meetings and CTV programs including The Buzz, City Spotlight, Authors’ Night and more in the CTV Archives anytime at:

Thank you to those of you that wrote to us last week alerting us to the issue.  If you experience problems with your cable or video service, please let us know using our new Connect with Calabasas mobile app and web interface.  Download the mobile app on iTunes or Google play.


Deborah Steller
Calabasas Media, Library and Information Services Director

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