Haleh Naimi for Calabasas City Council
Tax Attorney


I am honored to submit my write-in candidacy for the Calabasas City Council and humbly seek your vote on Election Day this November 3rd or by Mail beginning October 5th

I moved to Calabasas in 1989 while attending college at UCLA and was delighted to vote in the City’s first election when it gained its independence.  Since then, I have always desired to participate in this City’s governance.  In 2013 I moved back to Calabasas to establish my roots and start a family and would be honored to serve in its City Council.  I love this City and, if elected, will do everything in my power to balance its economic growth with the preservation of its environment while continuing to maintain its public safety.

In my capacity as an advocate, I have been selected as a two-time delegate to successfully present tax proposals to decision makers at Treasury, IRS, and in Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. and the tax authorities in Sacramento.  I intend to bring the same enthusiasm and experience to Calabasas to ensure a fiscal environment is created to help businesses thrive. 

In addition to the legal skills and business acumen I would bring to the City Council, I have a deep love for this City’s beautiful environment.  In fact, I became an avid runner after moving back to Calabasas and spending time running and walking throughout the Calabasas community.  It is one of the most unique communities in California and I will work hard to preserve its open spaces, natural environment, as well as maintaining the public safety for our residents, children and pets.

With your vote, I will focus on the following priorities:

  • Working with our Chamber of Commerce to support existing businesses and creating a fiscal environment that would attract new businesses.
  • Supporting the Open Space Initiative – Measure O
  • Tempering the development of new projects with public safety and traffic congestion goals.
  • Advocating for more funding to our schools – Measure E.
  • Working with our public safety officials to facilitate a safe environment for our residents.

I will bring new and dynamic energy to the City and humbly ask that you join your neighbors in voting for HALEH NAIMI for City Council.  Thank you.


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