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LUCY MARTIN                          Age: 49
Calabasas Education Commissioner

I first got involved in city government to improve our schools for my two children and to give back to a community I dearly love. As a City Commissioner focusing on education, I have had the opportunity to boost resources for Calabasas classrooms and to strengthen the partnership between our city and the school district. 

I am currently Vice Chair of the City of Calabasas Parks, Recreation and Education Commission and president of the Greater Mulwood Homeowners Association. I am also Calabasas High School’s current PFC president and previously served as a founding member of the City of Calabasas Education Foundation and as PFC president at A.C. Stelle Middle School. I also serve on the LVUSD Academic Honesty Committee, clerk at the City of Calabasas Teen Court and advocate for community traffic safety.

I am running for City Council to bring Calabasas together to solve problems based on consensus and mutual respect. I want to return transparency and your voice to City Hall. That means adopting reasonable municipal codes and ordinances, practicing fiscal responsibility, addressing traffic congestion, ensuring health and safety, providing quality education for our children, conducting public business in the light of day, preserving our natural landscapes, and never allowing the agenda of developers to trump the best interests of our residents.

I am not a lawyer or an incumbent or an issue-specific activist. I am a local mom, wife and volunteer whose kids grew up in Calabasas and who is passionate about serving our community. Some of you may know me as your daughter’s Girl Scout troop leader. Or as a team captain for the city’s annual Relay for Life. Or as an ASL translator for the deaf at school events. Or as the lady who serves up the Snack Shack hotdogs at Calabasas High football games. Working with and for the community is what I do.  I’d like to continue in that spirit of service and problem solving in City Hall.

My name is Lucy Martin and I would be honored to represent you as the newest member of our Calabasas City Council. I respectfully ask for your vote and thank you for your consideration.

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