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Dale Reicheneder
Age: 43
Occupation:     Lawyer

I have been a resident of Calabasas for approximately 10 years and am proud to live here. I am an attorney, focusing on business litigation, homeowner association, construction and inverse condemnation law. I have also been a board member of my HOA for approximately 4 years, managing a nearly $1 million annual budget. I serve as Vice-President of the Calabasas Westside Coalition and my community’s representative for the Las Virgenes Homeowners Federation.

I am excited to be running again for City Council. During my campaign two years ago, I expressed concern about the type of growth our City was experiencing, raising attention to the ever-increasing trend of rubber stamping commercial and large scale residential development in our City. I was accused of being a one-issue candidate on an issue that did not matter because Calabasas was practically “all built out.” Not so.

During the last two years, the current City Council has approved numerous building projects. Some of these projects include: 70,100 square feet of commercial space off of Lost Hills and 75 condominiums in Old Town. In addition, despite approximately 100 residents appearing to oppose the project as configured, the Council approved 86 condominiums (3-story monstrosities) that will be constructed on Las Virgenes. Shortly, the Council is expected to approve 79 condominiums with 13,000 feet of commercial space. The City is preparing, despite passionate opposition from residents, to spend millions replacing septic with sewer lines. Further, the City anticipates 3.7 million square feet of industrial/commercial development is in our future. And, Council is considering a new General Plan providing for large scale low income housing development. Calabasas is far from being “built out.”

Now, more than ever, is a critical time to change the “business as usual” mind set of the Council and vote for a candidate willing to stand up for the interests of the residents of Calabasas, not those of developers.

Goals As Your Councilmember:

            Increasing Fiscal Reserves/ Eliminating Needless and Wasteful Expenditures
            Represent Residents first, developers second . . . I will not be bullied by developers
            Stop the needless expenditure of possibly $millions to install unwanted sewers
            Increase Open Space, Parklands, Trails
            Increase understanding that City Hall exists on behalf of the Residents
            Pass a City Councilmember Two-Term Limit
            Eliminate the Developer’s exception allowing City-owned land development
            Safe Schools
            Water Conservation
            Voice of the Residents to Council

I respectfully ask for your vote.
Dale Reicheneder




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