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Dale Reicheneder
Age: 41
Occupation: Lawyer

I have been a resident of Calabasas for approximately 8 years and am proud to live here. I have, however, become very concerned about the type of growth our City is currently experiencing.  As a practicing lawyer in the construction industry, I have seen how unregulated development can ruin communities.  I would like to help stop this ever increasing trend of rubber stamping commercial and large scale residential development in our City.

This unchecked development is overburdening our roads and causing ever increasing traffic overflow problems throughout our City, changing once quiet residential streets into heavy traffic thoroughfares. The residents of Calabasas will be my foremost concern, not those of developers. I also will strive to increase Calabasas parklands, trails and access.

As a city council member, I can offer my unique legal and business experience to accomplish these important goals which are necessary to preserve our special City of Calabasas.

Thank you for your support,

Dale Reicheneder


City of Calabasas 2017