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Barry Groveman
Occupation:   Member of the Calabasas City Council
                       Former Mayor of Calabasas
                       Environmental Attorney
                       Former Prosecutor
                       Co-Author Proposition 65, California’s  Landmark Environmental
                       Law (Safe Drinking Water Act)


As a current member of the City Council, former Mayor and  longstanding resident of Calabasas, I  worked hard to reduce traffic, preserve open space and protect our environment.  I Introduced Bold Government Reforms to modernize accounting systems, cut waste and improve efficiency and accountability. In 2005 the City’s credit rating was increased and  the CFO reported the City saved approximately $1.5 million dollars, over the past 2 years.  I am determined to do more.  I ask for an opportunity to continue to bring experience, rational thinking, fresh ideas and ambitious goals to the city council.

I am proud to have the endorsement of every member of the city council.

Experience and Achievements

A co-author of California’s Landmark Environmental Law, Proposition 65, a former prosecutor with  a decade of service to the public, and currently an environmental attorney and national expert on perchlorate contamination,  I understand the challenge of setting high goals—and getting results.

As promised, I led  successful initiatives to Reduce Traffic Congestion, Re- established a City-wide School Bus Program, developed the Traffic Plan for School Zones and created the Office of Traffic Coordinator.

I have  been aggressive in protecting the Environment by: acquiring and preserving Open Space, helped the successful fight to acquire Ahmanson Ranch and Soka University as public parkland; supported the successful Measure O  which prevents  sale of our open space unless approved by voters.

As President of the Education Fund, I introduced proposals to help fund schools, reduce class size and add counselors.  I spearheaded the city’s efforts to build Brandon’s Village, an extraordinary playground for typical and special needs children.

I established a program to provide a housing subsidy for elderly and disabled residents and advocated on behalf of  senior housing.

I helped improve the Calabasas Emergency Response Program and as Mayor, I coordinated Calabasas’s response efforts in the recent Topanga Canyon Fire Emergency.

I’ll continue to be vigilant and keep Calabasas very low in crime and fast in

emergency response times and will continue to work hard to reduce traffic,

promote programs for teen sobriety and preserve our quality of life.


I respectfully ask for your vote on March 6 for a second term.


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