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Age: 53
Occupation: Calabasas City Councilmember, Attorney, Arbitrator

As your mayor, and as your councilmember for the past four years, it has been my
privilege and honor to work for you in protecting our environment, saving our schools, and
preserving our dreams.

Protecting our environment: no candidate has a more consistent environmental record.

I was the first chair of the Calabasas Environmental Commission and a founding member
of the Calabasas Tree Board.

I am the only incumbent councilmember who voted against development on a significant
ridgeline (St. Andrews Lane).

As a former Planning Commissioner, I favor expediting the Calabasas Road specific plan
and removing the new billboard-sized sign zone.

Having written our city's landmark Green Building Ordinance, I will work to expand
environmentally friendly development standards.

I have fought many overdevelopment battles and have supported every important open
space acquisition.

Saving our schools: I have done more to help our schools than any other candidate.

Always advocating closer cooperation with our schools, I conceived the Calabasas
Education Commission and served on the first City-Schools Partnership Committee.

I conceived the Calabasas Education Fund and have supported other city programs to
subsidize our schools in this financially unstable climate.

I originated free after-school playground use at Bay Laurel and worked collaboratively to
establish a community park at Chaparral.

Having supported Measure E, I support building a second Calabasas pre-school and
support the upcoming bond measure to build a new Calabasas elementary school.

Preserving our dreams: I care deeply about preserving our small-town quality of life and
full citizen participation.

I initiated the new Parks Master Plan, increasing the number of new parks and
recreational opportunities.

I campaigned for a city prosecutor who was hired to enforce our city codes.

To foster a positive business environment, I established the Calabasas Business

As a member of the Civic Center Task Force, I have worked tirelessly to bring Calabasas
a beautiful "green" civic center which will proudly serve as our new town center.

I brokered the dream of building our own community theater.

I have supported city assistance for renters, seniors and the disabled, to preserve the
quality of life of all Calabasas residents.

My first term will soon be over, but my mission is not.  I would be honored to have your
support on March 8.  For more information, please call me at 818/224-5600, or visit www.cityofcalabasas.com


Michael Harrison
Mayor of Calabasas


City of Calabasas 2017