Taped on February 3, 2005

Candidates Opening Statements

Question 1 - Describe your experience, position, and vision to achieve economic success for the City and it's constituents.

Question 2 - Do you think the City should fund a 4 to 5 million dollar theater in the civic center complex without a city referendum to further study this?

Question 3 - How much do you think Calabasas should contribute to the K-12 education system in our City?

Question 4 - The City of Los Angeles recently announced plans to install antennas on utility poles to eliminate cell phone dead areas and dropped calls.  There are many dead areas in the residential areas of Calabasas. Would you support similar plans to install such sites to improve cell phone reception for Calabasas residents?

Question 5 - Explain your strategy to acquire, preserve, and conserve our open spaces, parklands, and sensitive habitat areas in and near Calabasas.

Question 6 - What do you see as the #1 concern of the citizens of Calabasas at this time?

Question 7 - Long term, the City may not be able to write million dollar checks to complete the Las Virgenes Unified School District shortage.  What are the cooperative ideas between the City of Calabasas and the District would you suggest?

Question 8 - Who do you know, what do you do, and how would you develop relationships to achieve Calabasas' goals of regional, state, and national program success?

Question 9 - If while in office, you could only correct, fix, alleviate, or improve one issue, problem or program in Calabasas, what would it be and why?

Question 10 - To the general public it seems there is much animosity among council members at this time.  How do you plan to change or repair meetings to include civility?

Candidate's closing statements