Taped on February 8, 2005

Candidates Opening Statements

Question 1 - Will you vote to budget $1,000,000 to complete the Master Plan and landscape the median along Mulholland Hwy. in Mulwood and why?

Question 2 - The homes on Liberty Bell Rd. & Paul Revere have become the school's pick-up and drop-off area.  Added to that the traffic circle that ensures the intersection remains blocked during the period, so no vehicles can move.  Can and will you solve this problem?

Question 3 - Do you support the City's recent decision to contribute $850,000 toward the purchase of Soka.  If the Soka property is acquired, how do you plan to make sure Calabasas tax payers have a say in how the property is utilized.

Question 4 - What are you planning to do about opening Creekside Park to the community, like a normal regular park, for all of us to use.

Question 5 - Given the conditions of streets in the Mulwood area, would you vote to increase the street maintenance budget?

Question 6 - The southern California association of governments has just issued a report card, you may be aware of, recently on the Southern California region ranking the quality of life as a D+.  My question to each of you is, do you agree with that in general and how would you rank Calabasas in the categories identified in the report.  And those categories, which I know you'll want to carefully note down, are housing, education, household income, public safety, jobs, and transportation.

Question 7 - Explain your philosophy of decision making in the public interest.

Question 8 - The Calabasas Education Fund provides funds only to schools with a Calabasas address.  If the Calabasas Education fund and the Las Virgenes Education Foundation are merged, should Calabasas tax payers continue to fund a disproportionate amount to schools in the Las Virgenes School District, as compared to the contributions of other area cities.

Question 9 - How can we get more citizens to use city sponsored buses?  Be specific.

Question 10 - Cite one City related accomplishment you're most proud of, that the voters might judge you as most qualified.

Question 11:  What is your position, concerning the imposition, for a landscape district for the Mulwood area.  If you are in favor of one, why?

Question 12:  If you had read the Spolin report, what would you have done about it other than sweep it under the rug.

Candidate's closing statements