Age:      44
Occupation: Consumer Attorney

A leadership crisis now exists in City Hall and I seek your help to return to the City Council.

Calabasas needs someone with proven, local leadership and experience.
These are my past and present affiliations in Calabasas:

City Councilman
Parks and Recreation Commissioner
Agoura/Calabasas Community Center JPA Chairman/Board Member
CPHA Board Member
"Principal for the Day" at Bay Laurel/A.E. Wright Schools
Teen Court Judge, Clerk and Jury Advisor
Member of Calabasas Wall of Fame, located in City Hall
Resident since 1991

My wife, Ellen, and I moved to Calabasas in 1991 to provide our children with an excellent
public school education. Both of our girls attended Bay Laurel, and now Calabasas High School
and A.E. Wright Middle School.

I supported the creation of a joint use agreement with the LVUSD, to provide playing fields for
our City's youth and adults. This helps preserve open space for passive, non-intrusive use.

I will advocate a Youth Master Plan, to provide more programs for our young people. This will
benefit all citizens, by strengthening our property values and ensuring a safe community.

Campaign promises are common, but decisions are only made by a majority vote of the Council.
Without cooperation and focus, even the best intended plans will go unimplemented. I have
successfully worked with all sitting Council Members in the past, and will do so in the future.

I will work towards reaching a final decision about the Civic Center project, that has been stalled
for years.

We need to continue to fight the massive Ahmanson development, but not at any cost and not to
the detriment of our City at-large.

I am opposed to Measure A, because it will adversely impact the quality of life that we all value.

Once back in office, I pledge to adhere to the highest standards of ethics and professionalism
expected of a Council Member, respectful of others, responsive to our citizens, and always with
the best interests of Calabasas in mind.

I will conference with every City Commissioner, within six months of taking office, and
communicate with HOA representatives on an ongoing basis, to assist me in making informed

It would be my honor and privilege to once again serve as a member of the City Council.

Call me at 591-1812 to discuss any issue.

Vote for Robert Sibilia. A change, without taking a chance.


City of Calabasas 2017