NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that at the General Municipal Election to be held in the City of Calabasas on Tuesday, March 4, 2003, there shall be 9 voting precincts consisting of consolidations of the regular election precincts in the City established for the holding of state and county elections, that the polling places for the respective precincts shall be the places designated, that the persons named have been appointed officers of election for their respective voting precincts.


Voting Precinct 6 (Comprising regular election precincts 6 and 28)

22957 De Kalb Drive (map)
Handicapped Accessible

Donald Witmeyer
Philip Witmeyer
Kathleen Boudreau
Barbara Vogel


Voting Precinct 7 (Comprising regular election precincts 7 and 11)

Juan Bautista de Anza Park
Conference Room
3701 Lost Hills Road (map)
Handicapped Accessible

Robert Crosby
Enola Burell
Joan Rascoe


Voting Precinct 8 (Comprising regular election precincts 8 and 16)

Chaparral Elementary School
22601 Liberty Bell Road (map)
Handicapped Accessible

Thelma Arnold
Fatemeh Foudfar
Janet Sicoff


Voting Precinct 9 (Comprising regular election precinct 9)

5221 Edgeware Drive (map)
Handicapped Accessible

Joan Buehring
Bob Stemples
Robin Stemples
Patricia Stokes


Voting Precinct 10 (Comprising regular election precincts 10, 13, 15)

5551 Ruthwood Drive (map)
Handicapped Accessible

Lois Peek
John Peek
Jan Kate Arnell


Voting Precinct 12 (Comprising regular election precincts 12 and 77)

Bay Laurel Elementary School
Multi-purpose Room
24740 Paseo Primario (map)
Handicapped Accessible

Nick Orlando
Paul Peters
Susie Goddard


Voting Precinct 20 (Comprising regular election precincts 20 and 76)

Calabasas Tennis and Swim Club
23400 Park Sorrento (map)
Handicapped Accessible

Marilyn Young
Birgitta "Pia" Coleman
Tina Yocum


Voting Precinct 33 (Comprising regular election precinct 33)

Calabasas City Library
Multi-purpose Room
23975 Park Sorrento (map)
Handicapped Accessible

Dan Hedrick
Judyth Rischall
Thelma Starr
Marilee Eils


Voting Precinct 72 (Comprising regular election precincts 72, 75)

Calabasas Mobile Home Park
Card Room
23777 Mulholland Highway (map)
Handicapped Accessible

Celia Anderson
Philamina "Minnie" Barkley
Janet Corder


The polls will be open between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.



Mark Jomsky, Deputy City Clerk
Dated: February 3, 2003

maps courtesy of Mapquest

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