Occupation: Businesswoman


As a long time resident of Calabasas, Iím proud of the good things that cityhood has
brought. I'm glad we have scenic and wildlife corridors, control of development, good
schools, beautiful neighborhoods, as well as an aware and active citizenry. We are all
rightfully proud of our general plan, and the efforts to uphold its provisions. We've come
a long way since our 1991 city incorporation.

Along with all the fine accomplishments of the past 11 years, critical issues need
addressing. Among these are a sound wall for the Saratoga area, development of a city
hall and library, workable traffic controls for the school traffic in Mulwood/Mulholland
Highway and Malibu Canyon areas, a transit system, and the likely impacts of the
Ahmanson project that require substantial mitigations if it is built.

One of the most important requirements for serving on the council is to help create an
atmosphere of cooperation, respect for one another, and a reasonable level of unity so the
business of the city can go forward expeditiously.  I pledge to do my best to help bring a
change for the good.

I pledge to be respectful of taxpayers who generously pay city bills. Citizen ideas for
solving their own neighborhood problems should be heard, evaluated, and appropriately
acted upon.  The speed bumps in Deer Springs or the sidewalk along Mulholland
Highway in Mulwood shouldn't have taken years as these simple projects everyone
wanted did.

A mark of leadership is to surround oneself with competent people, and then help them to
do their jobs to the best of their abilities. It's vital that good staff be hired and retained.
The city staff also needs to clearly understand the council's priorities, and the timetable
for accomplishing them.  In this, the council must speak with one united voice.

Having been a partner in a system engineering business with Fortune 500 customers, I
understand the importance of gathering information, prioritizing it, and then making a
decision.  I am accustomed to making difficult choices.

A graduate of UCLA, I've been active in the community for several years as a past
treasurer and current member of the board of directors of the Greater Mulwood
Homeowners Association.  I am the current director of the Calabasas Emergency
Response Program.

It's time for new ideas, new perspectives. It's time for change.

Vote for Karmen Brower for city council on March 4th.


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