Candidate Statement of

Janice Lee

Incumbent/Environmental Advocate


Calabasas has been my home town since 1986. As a community leader, businesswoman and
long-time environmental advocate, I've worked on our city's most complex land use issues,
including the city's General Plan, Las Virgenes Scenic Corridor, Gateway Master Plans, Calabasas
Landfill and North Area Plan.

My voting record reflects my commitment to hometown values. Open space acquisitions protect
ridgelines/viewsheds. Beautified streets/gateways maintain property values. Stronger public
safety programs, larger Library and new Education Commission enhance our schools.
Establishing Council priorities and business revenue from Hilton Hotel, BMW and Albertson's
support a financially sound city.

Since 1992, my role has been pivotal in defending against the massive Ahmanson Ranch , a new
city that would add 45,000 cars a day to Valley Circle/Las Virgenes, generating years of toxic air
pollution, using Calabasas streets, sewers, paramedics, firefighters and police. I am the only
candidate who has consistently spoken out and voted against such developments out of character
with our neighborhoods.

I participate on the 101 Corridor Study Group addressing traffic congestion; am promoting
comprehensive programs for afterschool facilities, essential childcare and special-needs children;
drafting energy conservation measures following adoption of my Dark Skies Ordinance; chairing
ad hoc Calabasas Watersheds Task Force; working with neighboring cities exploring a new
hospital facility; am alternate member of the Agoura/Calabasas Community Center Joint Powers
Authority. I've successfully lobbied Sacramento for critical grant funds, environmental legislation,
and scenic highway designation.

The result is a vibrant and beautiful home town. Excellent schools. Safe neighborhoods. Parks,
trails, biking and recreation opportunities in the magnificent Santa Monica Mountains. State-of-the-
art community facilities. Citywide gathering places that bring us together, getting to know each
other as friends and neighbors. Calabasas is blessed with great resources and people with
tremendous community pride. But events of 9/11 and state deficits present tough choices, testing
our commitment to maintain our hometown security and lifestyle.

My proudest honor has been to serve as your City Council Member and former Mayor. I kept the
promise I made to you 4 years ago ~ to do my homework, ask questions, and be your strong voice
at City Hall. That is why I have earned the nonpartisan endorsement of respected community
leaders, homeowner groups, local and regional elected officials, organizations and well-known
environmentalist Erin Brockovich.

I pledge to continue the important work ahead. On March 4th, I would be honored to have your


City of Calabasas 2017