Dennis Washburn

Advertising/PR/Internet Marketing Executive; Calabasas Councilmember, 3-Time Mayor;
Public Sector Mediator; Director, Resource Conservation District - Santa Monica Mountains

As a founder of Calabasas, after twelve years of service to you, as a Councilmember and Mayor in
91-92, 95-96, and 2000-2001, it has been my privilege to work with Calabasans to build our
community. Together we've achieved many goals and made Calabasas a wonderful place to live -
a beautiful, clean environment, safe for our loved ones, economically sound, educationally
progressive, technologically creative, professionally managed, and respected in our region, state,
nation -- around the world.

Our parks and open spaces are hundreds of acres and growing. We're building a new, "green" Civic
Center, independent library, and conference/performance facilities. We've beautified Old Town,
Mulholland Highway, Las Virgenes Gateway, Agoura Road, Parkway Calabasas, Lost Hills Road,
while becoming a Tree City, USA, adding pedestrian walkways, Bike Lanes/Hiking Trails Master
Plans. We've celebrated Pumpkin Festivals, Arts Fairs, Health Fairs, Envirothon; Calabasas
Orchestra, Calabasas Players performances; built four Recreation Centers, held innumerable events
for children, adults, seniors; and deployed trolleys/shuttles to enjoy it all.

We've cleaned and enhanced our waterways, protected our wildlife, preserved our scenic and
natural resources. My 12+ years' strategy with Council, Commissions, Staff, Consultants "to acquire
Ahmanson Ranch for the public good," has kept development outside our city from negating our
values and Calabasas community, and unity.

I'm committed to fund community development without new taxes; to "repatriate" money taken from
Calabasas; foster grantsmanship; "put Calabasas and our region on the money map" with county,
state and federal agencies; generate "good, clean" revenue from industry, retailers, entertainment,
and community-serving businesses. My conservationistic, yet entrepreneurial management created
financial reserves and conservative two-year budgeting to keep Calabasas strong.

I need your vote for our new dreams: secure funding for Calabasas' Library and Civic Center;
Cities/Schools/Business Education Collaborative; Youth Development Master Plan; Mobility
Improvement Plans; ever- better Public Safety, Community Policing, Teen Court; region-wide Smart
Shuttles; 101 Freeway improvements; Scenic El Camino Real; new parks -- Headwaters Corner and
DeAnza expansions.

Qualifications: BA International Relations; MBA Marketing and Finance; Public Sector Mediator;
Director, Resource Conservation District; VP LA League of California Cities; Conejo-Las Virgenes
Future Foundation Trustee; Delegate, Las Virgenes, Malibu Council of Governments; SCAG
Regional Councilmember; Energy Environment Committee; Chair, SCAG Water Policy Task Force;
Chair, Malibu Creek Watershed Council; Santa Monica Bay Watershed Commissioner; Past
Mulwood HOA, LVHOF President.     Email:


City of Calabasas 2017