Barry Groveman

Occupation:  Environmental Lawyer
                  Former Prosecutor
                  Co-Author Proposition 65, California's Landmark Environmental
                  Law (Safe Drinking Water Act)


Candidate Statement


A long time resident of Calabasas with a young family, I cherish our unique quality of life
in Calabasas.

A former prosecutor with almost a decade of service to the public, and currently, an
environmental lawyer representing cities, water districts and businesses throughout
California, I'm determined to protect our community, natural resources and

As co-author of California's Landmark Environmental Law, Proposition 65, I understand
the challenge of setting high goals.

I'm fiscally conservative, will eliminate waste, guard city reserves and have a proven
track record of obtaining state/federal resources for cities like Calabasas. I've frequently
and effectively challenged the status quo on behalf of public health and welfare. I'm
not deterred by entrenched ideas nor bureaucratic obstacles and will fight for change,
where needed.

I ask for an opportunity to bring experience, rational thinking, fresh ideas and ambitious
goals to the city council, to preserve and enrich our city.


Police and Fire: I'll be vigilant and uncompromising in overseeing efforts to keep
Calabasas very low in crime and fast in emergency response times.

Traffic Congestion: Congestion is a problem we cannot tolerate. It's become
unacceptably worse. I'll oppose overdevelopment and be a major catalyst for much
better traffic management plans. Having successfully prosecuted major corporate
polluters and stopped oil companies from contaminating drinking water in Santa Monica
and Morro Bay, I'll fight more effectively to stop Ahmanson Ranch and the congestion it
would bring.

Open Space: I treasure open space. I'm a daily runner on streets / trails throughout
Calabasas.  I'll preserve what we have and fight hard to acquire more.

Schools: My wife Susan and I have a young son and excellence in education is a priority.
I'll be a fierce advocate to reduce overcrowding, support after-school programs and
concentrate on school safety, reckless driving and teen sobriety.

I'll be an avid supporter of issues important to seniors.


Head, Public Law and Environment Practice, Musick, Peeler LLP; Chair, Inland Empire
water quality task force, appointed by member/California Senate; former Los Angeles
Assistant City Attorney in charge of Environmental Protection; former Special Assistant
District Attorney in charge/Environmental Crime, Head, Los Angeles Toxic Waste Strike
Force; Co-Author Proposition 65, California's Safe Drinking Water Act; drafted key
provisions of state /local laws; former adjunct professor, environmental law; Board
Member, Boys Home; Member, Mountain Park HOA.

Please, call me : 818-591-1582

I respectfully ask for your vote.

Vote Barry Groveman, March 4, 2003!


City of Calabasas 2017