Matthew Hooper

Age: 23

Occupation:  Businessman

Candidate Statement

A resident of Calabasas and the San Fernando Valley for 22 years, I feel that I understand and can help improve upon the culture and community unique to our fair city.

I have three priorities in my campaign for City Council.

First, I would like to continually improve upon the education available to our children.  Expansion of computer programming and web design courses taught by professionals to students will allow our children the opportunity to be the leaders of tomorrow.

Second, I firmly believe that any further industrial expansion into Western Calabasas must be prevented.  I feel that for reasons of excessive traffic and environmental destruction, commercial planning should be halted in Malibu Canyon south of the 101 Freeway.  I am against the destruction of Ahmanson Ranch and believe that although residential expansion is at times acceptable, the addition of 46,000 vehicles to the 101 Freeway and the destruction of thousands of Oak Trees and multiple endangered species is not justifiable.

Lastly, a City Councilperson should represent the people.  I pledge to actively pursue self-education by regularly meeting with educators, business owners and individual homeowners and their associations within the Calabasas community.

Together, let's make a difference.