Marcus Allen Frishman

Occupation:  Veteran Legislative Aide

Candidate Statement

We need policies that expand opportunities and lifestyles for homeowners, renters, equestrians, recreationalists, and businesses in our community.

As someone who has not held local office in Calabasas, I, like you, care about empowering individuals, families, and businesses of our community.  We do not need a council that infringes upon the private property rights of businesses and homeowners.

At the same time we must continue with a strong emphasis on environmental protection of urban and rural land uses.

We must focus on the area's existing natural environment and continue to preserve our unique natural character.

Calabasas faces the challenge of continue growth.  Our growth must meet the needs of our families while preserving our unique character and environment.  We need a balanced approach.

I have proudly served our community in public service.  First, as California's youngest elected official.  Later establishing a career as a public service employee - Los Angeles city council aide, Los Angeles County supervisorial aide, senior assistant to the California State Legislature, and presently Chief of Staff to one of California's highest ranking elected state officials.  As a Chief Deputy of California's largest government agency, I will boldly state that I have the unique understanding of what it takes to develop and implement good public policy.

I have always believed that what was important is performance not promises - I will bring the same commitment to action - not talk - to the job of representing you.

I am running to insure that a common sense agenda gets translated from good ideas into action for all residents of Calabasas.

I have lived in Calabasas nearly all of my life since the age of twelve, I attended middle school and high school in the district.  I have seen the changes that have happened in Calabasas; both the good and the bad.

My parents always taught me that it was our duty as a citizen to go beyond just talking about problems and actually do something about them.  From issues of education to crime, together we can make a difference.

I promise no new involuntary fees, assessments, or taxes.

I pledge to work tirelessly to make this vision a reality.  Will you join me in this effort?

I would be honored to have your vote.

I would like to hear from you on your concerns and ideas.  I can be reached at my campaign headquarters (818) 880-6747.


Marcus Allen Frishman