Leslie Abraham-Wolf

Occupation:  Medical Communications Executive

Candidate Statement

I have been a resident of the City of Calabasas since way before Cityhood, over 24 years.

I have had the benefit of living in this tranquil oasis where you can still hear the birds chirping and it is a safe place to raise one's family.  My children have had the benefit of the exceptional educational system available to the Calabasas residents.

I have given of my time to the school system all through their school years at the elementary, middle school and high school level.

I have held offices of responsibility in numerous philanthropic organizations including being a Founder, Past President and Chairman of the Board of the Visually Handicapped Adults of the Valley.  I am a State Certified Ombudsman and Advocate for the Elderly.  I am a Past Co President of the Parents Club at the University of Southern California and am a USC Trojan Parent and a Member of the USC Scions.  I have been active in many charitable endeavors.

I was a Victim of the 1994 "Northridge Earthquake" and had my home in Calabasas nearly destroyed.  Through the good graces of the City of Calabasas I was a recipient of their assistance in Earthquake Retrofit and being referred to an Agency that assisted me in rebuilding my home.  After a 52 month absence we were able to return to Calabasas full time this past July.

I believe in slow and careful growth, community involvement, a more robust system of knowing your neighbors and supporting them and your community.  I have made it a priority since returning to my home to dedicate myself to doing whatever I can to make this an even better place to live and to be a kind, sensitive and responsive City.  I pledge to dedicate myself to being a true asset to the City and the Community.