Lesley Devine

Occupation: Calabasas City Councilwoman

Candidate Statement

Our city is strong, stable and forward looking.  We have created a resident focused, environmentally sensitive, child safe, gradual growth, and proud community -- a place where people are happy to greet their neighbors and be part of our living history.  I am privileged to be part of what we, together, have built and honored to contribute since the formation of our City.

I take pride in adding innovation, vision and dedication to all that we created.  We molded new parks, a community center and The Commons into spirited gathering places, led in regional economic balance, earned Tree CityUSA status, won website/Ctv national awards, provided model programs for children, and more.

Our significant progress has been noticed.  The 11/12/00 edition of the Los Angeles Times portrayed Calabasas as "...the new suburbia, a vibrant city devoted to keeping its identity."  It  takes vigilance and  detailed work to keep Calabasas scenic and secure.

There is more work to do.  My major, immediate goals are to --

Increase protected recreational and open space land in Calabasas;

Create a "Calabasas Land Trust" to insure that what we save is held in trust for our children's children;

Defeat the destructive Ahmanson Ranch land development on our northern  borders with the further goal of having those magnificent mesas put into state parklands;

Build  a flourishing  and fiscally-sound Calabasas "Civic and Cultural Complex"

Ensure that our library, small theater and city services bring dignity to our citizens and a civic home of beauty, warmth and distinction to our future".

I work hard to meet neighborhood goals.  I keep my promises.  It has been your support that has given me the back-up to hold development in check.  Our environmental goals have not changed.

As the Chair of the Policy Committee that formulated the recently passed LA County North Area Plan, I guided protecting our boarders from unbridled developments.

My service with the Advisory Board of the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy enabled me to put the mountains surrounding Mulwood and "Firehouse Hill" as top priorities for State Proposition 12 funding, meaning Millions of Dollars for land preservation here.  We will save those lands.

We have a safe, beautiful, dynamic and economically viable City.  With more ahead, I request your vote of continued confidence.

This is our special community -- the best of suburban and rural lifestyles.  Our vision must continue --
to "keep Calabasas Calabasas".

Thank you,              Lesley Devine