Karmen Brower

Age: 58

Occupation:  Writer

Candidate Statement

Having lived in Calabasas for over 34 years, I am very aware of the changes time has brought.  I know the terror of being ringed on three sides by fire, of watching the water rise to flood in the unrelenting rain.  I know the sadness that comes from losing the high meadow that sparkled in the morning sun to development.

I want to continue the Calabasas tradition of reverence for the environment. At the same time, we need the income that results from commerce in order to survive as an independent city.  The striking of a balance between environmental protection and generation of necessary income is the responsibility of the council.  Continuing stewardship of the land can't be done without money.

Fiscally, I am conservative.  The previous councils also have been fiscally responsible, so I would assuredly continue the tradition.  There are major decisions to be made in the near future, namely building a new city hall and library.  These will require long term financing of significant sums.  Evaluation of the various financing plans, and deciding on the most appropriate one for Calabasas will be one of the most important council actions.  The results will be with us all for 30 years or more.  Having owned a business, I believe that I can effectively contribute to council decision-making.

We need passive and active parks so that we can all play ball, skate, or just sit and enjoy nature.  We must use every tool, take advantage of every opportunity to acquire every inch of park/open space we can.

We need a transit service that allows our elderly and children, especially, to be able to come and go as they wish.  We shouldn't have to depend upon temporary grants.  I want to work to remove our area from MTA authority so the sales tax transit surcharge can benefit us directly.

The newly adopted North Area Plan generally governs the areas surrounding our city, and it is a good one.  I want to be vigilant in making sure it is strictly enforced so our traffic and quality of life will not suffer.

As Calabasas approaches its 10th anniversary, I want to expand efforts to engage the intelligence and creativity of Calabasas residents for the benefit of all.  Please vote for Karmen Brower for City Council on March 6th.