10/04/00 Resolution adopted calling election and giving notice to County.
10/04/00 Resolution adopted determining candidate statement regulations.
10/04/00 Resolution adopted requesting services of County Election Department.
10/30/00 - 11/13/00  Post Notice of Election and publish Notice in Acorn and Daily News.
11/13/00 - 12/08/00 Filing period for nomination papers.
12/08/00 Last day to call election for ballot measures.
12/08/00 Last day to file nomination papers. Form 700, Statement of Economic Interest due with nomination papers.
12/08/00 Last day for candidate to withdraw nomination papers after being filed with the City Clerk.
12/13/00 Last day to file nomination papers, since an incumbent did not file.
12/14/00 Secretary of State to determine order of names on ballot.
12/15/00 City Clerk to post and publish Notice of Nominees. (deadline 2/13/01)
1/04/01 Last day to submit precinct consolidations to County.
1/04/01 City Clerk to appoint Election Officers & Polling Places. (deadline 2/5/01)
1/08/01 - 2/20/01 Filing period for write-in candidates.
1/19/01 Candidates notified of first campaign filing requirement due on 1/25/01.
1/25/01 First pre-election Campaign Statement due (period covering 1/1/01 through 1/20/01).
2/05/01 - 2/27/01 Voters may request absentee ballots.
2/13/01 Last day to mail sample ballots and polling place notices.
2/16/01 Candidates notified of second pre-election campaign filing requirement due on 2/22/01.
2/19/01 Last day to register to vote for March 6, 2001 election.
2/22/01 Second Campaign Statement filing due (period covering 1/16/01 through 2/17/01).
2/23/01 Last day to post Notice of Absentee Canvass.
2/24/01 Post Notice of Central Counting Place and publish in Acorn, Las Virgenes Enterprise and Daily News.
2/27/01 Last day to publish notice of election officers and polling places.
2/28/01 - 3/06/01 Emergency Absent Voting period.
3/05/01 Last day for Council to adopt procedures to resolve tie votes.
3/05/01 Last day to order canvass by City Clerk.
3/06/01 2001 ELECTION DAY
Polls open between 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.
3/06/01 Last day to receive absentee ballots (close of polls).
3/06/01 City Clerk to canvass absent voter ballots (close of polls).
3/20/01 City Clerk to canvass returns.
3/20/01 City Council meeting swearing in of Councilmembers, reorganization and reception.
3/21/01 City Clerk to send reorganization notices to Secretary of State, County and cities.
4/5/01 Last day to refund excess deposit for candidate statements, if any.
 4/13/01 City Clerk notifies successful non-incumbent Councilmembers Assuming Office Statement of Economic Interest, Form 700 due 4/19/01.
4/13/01 Notify Councilmembers Leaving Office Statement due 4/19/01.
4/19/01 Statement of Economic Interest due.
4/20/01 FPPC notified of election date, candidates and elected office holders.
 7/02/01 All candidates notified of third filing date for Campaign Statement due 7/31/01 (period covering 2/18/01 through 6/30/01).
7/02/01 Tabulate costs.
7/31/01 Semi-annual Campaign Statement filing due (day after close of last statement through June 30, 2001).


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