The Community Development Forum Guidelines for larger development projects reflects the input of Calabasas residents, stakeholders, and public officials, and aids implementation of the Calabasas 2030 General Plan. In accordance with City Council Resolution No. 2017-1546, two Community Development Forums must be conducted for any commercial development project, or new residential subdivision or apartment project, which involves one or more of the following:

a) General Plan Amendment;
b) Development Plan Amendment;
c) Development Agreement;
d) Zone Change;
e) Variance;
f) Tentative Tract Map.
g) Proposed new construction on undeveloped land, proposed new construction to fully replace an existing structure(s), or any proposed addition of 10,000 square feet or more to an existing building in a Commercial, Recreational, Multi-family or Planned Development zone.

The first public forum must be conducted prior to application submittal, and the second forum must be conducted prior to a determination by staff that the project application and plans are complete. Details about the purpose and process for the community development forums are found within the Guidelines for Public Engagement Community Development Forums.

City of Calabasas 2017