Phase C covers the grading, construction and occupancy phases of the project. During this phase all conditions and mitigation measures will be enforced. It is only after all conditions and mitigation measures  have been fully met can a building  be occupied.

Flow Chart C:
Permit Issuance to Final/Certificate of Occupancy

Determine need for Pre Construction meeting and schedule with project planner

Grading Permit Application

1. Grading Permit fees collected

2. Developer grades property

3. Rough Grading Certification submitted by developer

4. Public Works sign off of Rough Grading for Building

Development Impact and Mitigation Impact fees paid
Building Permit and Related Permits Issued

Types of permits typically issued include:
a) Building Permit/MEP Permits
b) Encroachment Permit
c) Oak Tree Permit

Construction begins with inspections performed at required intervals (builder responsible for requesting inspections at appropriate times, see appropriate agency if unsure of required inspections) - Typical lead time for inspection is 24 hrs.

Agencies that regularly inspect projects include, but is not limited to, Public Works/Engineering, Planning, Building and Safety, Fire Department, Los Angeles County, Las Virgenes Municipal Water District

Result of inspections may include approval, correction notice, stop work notice, or revisions required

Mitigation monitoring required throughout life of project and may include post-construction monitoring

Applicant corrects required items and meets Punch List Items for all departments and Condition Compliance Review

Revisions submittal may be required for completion

Each required agency signs off on project when work satisfactorily completed

Certificate of Occupancy Issued

This site has been prepared as an aid to homeowners and builders and should be used as an outline of the City's review process. We have attempted to explain the nuances of the process without overwhelming the user.

This site is not the final word and City staff should be consulted throughout the process. Further, not all projects are subject to steps within this site.


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